Core Fusion Guest Blog: Is that Definition I see?

As most of you know, my sister and I started the Core Fusion Challenge together this week. While I’ve been blabbing on and on about my experiences so far, it’s now time for my sister to weigh in. I have to say, it’s been really interesting to see how we’re each reacting to this challenge. You’ll see her comment below about how much of a mental mindset shift this is for her…and I have to agree that I feel the same, though I think it’s been even HARDER for her than for me to adjust to it, for some reason. She totally wanted to rebel when I told her no weight work outside of Core Fusion, you should’ve seen her reaction, kinda funny. 😉

But I digress. Her reactions are below and I love it. LOVE that she’s seeing results already…and especially love her “brush with fame” ala Fred DeVito. So very cool (I’m jealous – the closest I’ve gotten is a few tweets with him!).

Is that definition I see?

Well, it’s been almost a full week since starting the Core Fusion Challenge with my sister and I have my own takeaways in addition to those she’s shared all week (all of which I firmly agree with!).

  • Definition improvement so far? Yep! I can already see some changes (and this is PMS week for me, so that says something!) and can feel the changes for sure. I feel stronger in my core and my back and know that with time, my form will start to improve.
  • Neck pain. Like whoa. My biggest issue right now is neck pain. I know that with time, that too will go away, but I have gotten frustrated with it, because I feel that it is impacting my ability to improve my ‘curl’ position. I try not to hold onto my head to give my neck a break, but sometimes I find that I need to do that in order to get my shoulders off the ground more. Any tips, CF pros out there?
  • Fred DeVito (aka founding member of Exhale Spa and Core Fusion) is awesome. A couple of weeks ago, as I started to tackle Core Fusion as part of my workouts, I was getting super frustrated with the ‘curl’ position and wasn’t sure what the proper way to modify was (laying back, trying to lift the shoulders up, little by little, or starting from the top, leaning back, litle by little). I tweeted to Fred my question, and he emailed me (through my blog!) and asked if we could chat and he would share some tips. How awesome is that?! We talked to the next day and though I felt like a giddy schoolgirl talking to a celebrity, he was super nice and gave me some great modification tips. Talking to him also made me feel better that it will take time to improve BUT (and this is a big but), you will see improvements relatively quickly. And he’s right. Which leads me to…
  • Motivation is directly correlated to success. Feeling and seeing improvements even within a day of doing CF has really boosted my motivation to stick with this routine. I admit, I was skeptical at first only because I tend to get really frustrated with my inflexibility and feared I’d give up too soon. But I know that I won’t because seeing improvements has given me a huge boost of confidence (and the fact that M put his arm around my waist and said ‘wow, strong!’ without my even mentioning anything about it, was huge!).
  • This is a huge mindset change for me. I know Jess has mentioned this in several of her posts, but this is a huge HUGE mindset change for me. Doing CF is a completely different ‘cardio’ workout than I am used to and it has been a struggle for me to *only* do CF every day with just a day or two of additional cardio mixed in, and NO weights. NO weights…I almost rebelled against that one. <editors’ note – she started to rebel, legit. I can vouch for this!> I love weight work. But, at the same time, at the end of this challenge, I will have renewed vigor for weight workouts and I need to give this my undivided attention.
  • I must do at least 2-3 weeks of CF DVDs before I dare step foot into Exhale Spa to do the week unlimited. I know it sounds silly, but I would like to improve my form more before attempting ‘live’ classes. I have only gone to one before and while I had a great workout, I felt self-conscious about how many modifications I needed. I think in another week or so, I will be ready!
  • Boot Camp is by far, the most difficult all-around workout. Pilates Plus is by far the most intense core-only workout. Damn. Never ceases to amaze me.

There you have it – my takeaways so far from the first week of Core Fusion. I am excited to be on this journey with my sis, and to start implementing ‘sister CF nights’ on Mondays where we plan to do Core Fusion together after work and then make dinner. Pretty great, right? <– um yeah, can’t wait for sister CF night to kickoff next week!

26 thoughts on “Core Fusion Guest Blog: Is that Definition I see?

  1. Well done on the guest post Jolene, I’m certainly impressed with the changes that Core Fusion dvds seem to do to the body. I so can’t wait to try them! Bummer about the neck pain, hope someone with Core Fusion experience can help you with it. How cool will that be to take a live class, I looked up the Exhale Spa/ Core Fusion website, wow the classes look great. Glad you and Jess are seeing the results from Core Fusion without using weight training. Brilliant.

  2. Great post! A couple of things:

    1. Your neck should NOT hurt. Did you discuss this with Fred? Try sitting higher up during the curl. I personally have to stay up higher — everyone is different and it is not “bad” or a lesser workout. I can show you a picture of my abs to prove it!

    2. I think you are approaching taking class the complete wrong way. You should go to class before doing so much of the DVDs because the teacher will correct you and you can learn what you might be doing wrong at home. Then you won’t be doing it the wrong way at home for two weeks! You’ll learn and know better what to do and it will be so much more effective.

    Also, I have been taking Core Fusion for 14 months now and I have to be corrected in every single class, throughout class. If you let that get to you, you will never be able to take class because there are ALWAYS corrections for everyone — new and old students alike. Our bodies look for the “easy way out” and without someone correcting us, that is exactly what we will do. Please do not feel self-conscious about this, I promise corrections are part of a normal class experience.

    I actually don’t take certain teachers classes specifically because I don’t feel like they correct me enough. I find it strange when I am not being corrected. I stick to the best teachers who always make sure I am doing each exercise correctly — it helps you avoid injury and get the most out of the workout.

      • Thank you Dori! As for the neck pain – I did mention it to him and he said the same thing, sit up higher for parts, and lower for parts until my neck adjusts and my abs strengthen. So that definitely is helping! As for the classes, you are right, we should go sooner than two weeks. Maybe next week 😉

      • Also, it helps with the neck if you lengthen your neck by focusing your eyes up rather than forward and keep your chin out of your chest.

  3. Cool guest post, thanks sista!

    I’ve heard that neck pain is common with thinks like this (and pilates): you need to learn to keep a neutral spine. Which, of course, it one of the points of doing it.. Do be careful though, and support your head if you need to (yeah yeah, *rolls eyes*)

    Great results with the definition and “wow, strong!” comment to. I’m also someone who becomes increasingly motivated with success: it’s like you build up positive momentum.

    And Jess: way to go *not* going to kickboxing. That’s precisely the line of action I should have taken this morning, but I guess sometimes our better angels get shouted down by our idiot side. Something like that.. Anyway, you’re totally right: lesson learnt. At least until next time.. *sigh*

    • LOL thanks for the kudos on *not* kickboxing tonight even though I SO wanted to. I am so freakin’ sore right now though, I am dying to just go lay down somewhere warm and cozy. haha

    • LOL I thought the tone was funny 😉 And yes, I know, the neck thing is hard, I’ll get there eventually. And yea, Jess, kudos on NOT coming to Kick! Even though I missed ya!

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  6. LOVED this guest post! I think it’s so great how you two are taking this on together. Like you, I’m a former cardio addict…but I am reallllly tempted to do more CFlike things because of how GOOD it is for your body. It sounds INTENSE, but it definitely is worth it in the end!

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