Core Fusion Challenge week #1, winding down

With just one more day in the first week of my Core Fusion Challenge with my sis in tow, and I wanted to share my reactions now that I have nearly a weeks’ worth of workouts under my belt.

I must say – I am so freakin’ excited that I took the plunge.

And I’m equally thrilled with how supportive and excited you’ve all been for my sis and I! I’ve loved reading your comments and reactions more than you know.

As you know, I started out the challenge with lots of reservations and fears that this mindset shift would be too much for me and I’d spend half the week worrying about how effective my workouts were going to be.

But after thoroughly NEEDING yesterday’s rest day, this much is clear – Core Fusion is whipping my butt (literally).

Yes, I’ve been sore with other workouts – DOMS city with STS, and after long training runs during last summer’s half training or after trying new workouts (hello, TRX).

But this is a different kind of sore. It gets right down into the deep, dark muscle fibers…fibers you didn’t even know existed in your glutes, your obliques, your core, your thighs. In other words, my butt and everything that surrounds it from the waist up and waist down is killing me! In the best way possible, of course. 😉

Beyond that, though – the mind-body connection that Core Fusion is so strongly based around? I’m diggin’ it. I feel more centered after a Core Fusion workout and I defintely feel more in-tune with my body in such a hard-to-describe way. I guess you could say I’m more aware. Core Fusion forces you to think about your movements, freeing your mind of any wandering thoughts that would clutter up your focus on the teeny tiny moves at hand. Like the “up-hold” of a leg lift…you aren’t just throwing your leg up there to work that glute, it’s a much smaller, more concentrated movement where you literally are lifting your leg  up using only your glute muscles and core and then holding that move. 

You’ll notice I’m not talking very much about “results” from this first week of the challenge. For me, this challenge is quickly becoming much more of a mind-body challenge than just something to strengthen my core and improve flexibility. Of course, I’m noticing physical changes – small ones, but they’re there. Instead, this is quickly opening up a whole new world of fitness for me, one that I regret not discovering sooner. For the first time I’m ready to embrace yoga – which is HUGE for me. I even bought the Core Fusion Yoga Energy Flow DVD (thanks DD for the reco!) and a couple of yoga blocks to get me started at home. And, my sis and I are planning to hit the Exhale Spa studio to get some live instruction going too.

All of this is a pretty huge leap forward for someone like me – who traditionally has avoided pilates, core work and yoga like the plague.  😉  But – don’t think for a second that I will ever walk away from my love of running, spinning, etc., I’m just broadening my fitness horizons. Never a bad thing in my book.

With that, I’m off to enjoy this Friday night before kicking off my last Core Fusion workout in week one of the challenge tomorrow…with some speedy intervals thrown in just cuz I love that runner’s  high. 😉