A bit of gratitude


Let the meaning of that word sink in for a minute.

It holds such weight doesn’t it?

Yet – at the same time, it brings lightness to your life the minute you realize all of the wonderful things you have to be grateful for.

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude lately.

….for the overwhelming support for me and my sisCore Fusion Challenge. I am so encouraged and inspired and floored by your support. The meaningful comments you’ve all left for me lately, just wow. And to think that some of you are considering the challenge yourself, or your own version of it. So awesome.

for a job that puts me on a rollercoaster everyday. Yes, there are moments where I am frustrated that I’m not “there” yet…that I’m still the new kid and I don’t know it all. Yet. But it’ll come. For now, I’m trying to embrace that rollercoaster – a rollercoaster I can’t believe I’ve only been on for a month. It seems like way longer.

…for inspiration through others. My sister Jen just signed up for her first-ever 5k. This is an awesome step forward for her, and something I know my super-duper cute niece will be proud of her mom for doing one day. I am damn proud of her and so inspired. Can’t wait to run it with her…and maybe, just *maybe* I can convince her to guest blog for me here on her couch to 5k journey. Whatcha say, Jen?

.for a husband who “gets” me and pushes me to reach my goals. Even the simplest of goals like to be able to do a proper set of push-ups. He pushed me WAY outside my comfort zone today and it was just what I needed. (maybe not *right* after a 45 min interval run but I digress…ha).

for ability. Ability to take on new physical (and very much mental) challenges. I say this all the time but it’s so true, and I always feel smacked with that gratitude everytime I embark on a new challenge. I am freakin’ lucky as hell to be healthy and able to do whatever it is that I want.

for friends. Who I can’t wait to spend time with tonight at a mini girls night out and tomorrow at one of my best friends’ house for the Superbowl. There won’t be much football-watching but there *will* be some good eats and drinks. I dig it. 😉

What are YOU grateful for lately? Sometimes just jotting down a list like this can be eye-opening…