A bit of gratitude


Let the meaning of that word sink in for a minute.

It holds such weight doesn’t it?

Yet – at the same time, it brings lightness to your life the minute you realize all of the wonderful things you have to be grateful for.

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude lately.

….for the overwhelming support for me and my sisCore Fusion Challenge. I am so encouraged and inspired and floored by your support. The meaningful comments you’ve all left for me lately, just wow. And to think that some of you are considering the challenge yourself, or your own version of it. So awesome.

for a job that puts me on a rollercoaster everyday. Yes, there are moments where I am frustrated that I’m not “there” yet…that I’m still the new kid and I don’t know it all. Yet. But it’ll come. For now, I’m trying to embrace that rollercoaster – a rollercoaster I can’t believe I’ve only been on for a month. It seems like way longer.

…for inspiration through others. My sister Jen just signed up for her first-ever 5k. This is an awesome step forward for her, and something I know my super-duper cute niece will be proud of her mom for doing one day. I am damn proud of her and so inspired. Can’t wait to run it with her…and maybe, just *maybe* I can convince her to guest blog for me here on her couch to 5k journey. Whatcha say, Jen?

.for a husband who “gets” me and pushes me to reach my goals. Even the simplest of goals like to be able to do a proper set of push-ups. He pushed me WAY outside my comfort zone today and it was just what I needed. (maybe not *right* after a 45 min interval run but I digress…ha).

for ability. Ability to take on new physical (and very much mental) challenges. I say this all the time but it’s so true, and I always feel smacked with that gratitude everytime I embark on a new challenge. I am freakin’ lucky as hell to be healthy and able to do whatever it is that I want.

for friends. Who I can’t wait to spend time with tonight at a mini girls night out and tomorrow at one of my best friends’ house for the Superbowl. There won’t be much football-watching but there *will* be some good eats and drinks. I dig it. 😉

What are YOU grateful for lately? Sometimes just jotting down a list like this can be eye-opening…

28 thoughts on “A bit of gratitude

    • Awesome! It must feel so good to be able to compare M’s birth to B’s birth and how you felt afterwards. You are doing so great, I only hope that if I ever have kids, I bounce back as well and adjust as well as you! So inspiring!

  1. Great post. It’s not something I think about often – the word itself even. Your sister MUST do a guest post I agree! I am very grateful for having a husband who gets me too (in all my insane glory). I am grateful that we also live close enough to work that the whole missing car thing won’t be a terrible inconvenience and realize that despite how bad it might be (pain in the butt for insurance) at least I wasn’t hurt or that something of value was lost in the car.

  2. It IS amazing how a word can hold so much meaning when you really take just a few seconds to let it sink in… 🙂

    Lately, I’m grateful for alternative activity to help keep my running legs injury-free, but my muscles challenged and strong (i.e. hello, yoga + spin!)! I’m also grateful for the resources around me and through my job, that make it possible to explore other forms of exercise!

    • I know…and that word “gratitude” is something I’ve noticed other bloggers are focusing on more this year which I just LOVE to see. We’re such a thankful, introspective bunch, aren’t we? ;-_)

  3. Great post, again, sis. I am grateful for YOU and doing this challenge together. It’s fun to do something together since we don’t – sniff – work together anymore. I miss working out with you too. Let’s fix that, mmk? And I can’t wait to do the 5K with Jen too! As for other things I’m thankful for? Stability. In life, love and job. And finances, too. Finally starting to feel that. And for M. For all that he is and has become in my life. And for good measure? wine. Just cuz. Well, it’s wine, who are we kidding? 😉

    • Aw shucks, I’m grateful for YOU sis…both of you are my other “thirds” and I am so so so happy that we’re all so close, it’s the best feeling.
      PS. Um yeah, wine…how could I leave that off the list. Fail 😉

  4. Sooooo many things I love about this post!!! I love how you are grateful for so many areas of your life right now. Health, job, family, friends, inspiration……I love it all. Honestly, it sounds SO cheesy, but right now I’m 100% grateful for bloggy friends. Because I feel like I can be my true self and still have all the support in the world from you guys!

    • It’s awesome what bloggy friends can do for you…because it’s so often those that “get” our fellow blog friends even more than our in real life friends sometimes…which is crazy to say but so true. I am so happy you have a great community of blog friends to be real with, it’s what blogging is all about – being real, being you, writing for you, and feeling supported by those around you.

  5. On topic: like you, I am grateful for all the amazing support I’ve received from people while I’ve been injured. Especially through blogging. It makes such a difference to have people empathize with you; and to celebrate with you when your physiotherapist finally tells you you can try running again!

    Off topic: I am grateful for the opportunity to write a PhD, in philosophy of all things! I whine about it incessantly at the moment, as I’m in the writing up phase, and it’s miserable. But I know that it is a huge privilege, and that I couldn’t have done it without the support of my friends, family, the academic community, and the UK government funding body(!). It’s good to be reminded that this is something I should be grateful for 🙂

    Oh, and I would love to see a C25K guest post. I bet loads of people would!

    • Isn’t it awesome to feel so supported…and often by people you’ve never met in real life before, too. It’s an awesome community we share online, isn’t it? I am thrilled that you’re able to run again, I know what it’s like not to be able to so YAY for you!! I also give you major kudos for working towards your PhD…my sister (the one that signed up for her first 5k) is in her final stages of her PhD work and I know how hard and challenging it’s been for her.

  6. Great post Jess. I’m grateful for my sight to have come back in my right eye at last eye appointment (20/20 vision now happy days!). I’m grateful for having good health and being able to challenge my body to new workouts (roll on the Core Fusion dvds). I’m grateful for wonderful friends who I can hang out with, meet for food and nights out. I’m grateful too for my online friends like yourself for being so motivational and being able to talk workouts and stuff. I’m grateful for having a job I like in this mad recession. I’m grateful that all my family are well and in good health. I’m grateful to be alive and to enjoy everyday and I’m doing a vision board in the inside of my wardrobe (I’ll email you a picture of it when I’ve put a few more stuff on it).

    • Oh wow!!! I am SO happy to hear that about your vision – that is such a miracle! That is awesome…and I bet it totally puts it into perspective what having your full eyesight back means…that having your health is NOT something to take for granted, ever, ever. So glad things are going well for you – it’s awesome to hear from you all what a long list of things you are thankful and grateful for…sometimes building that list is all it takes to open our eyes up to the goodness that surrounds us. PS. Please do send me a pic of your vision board, so cool!

  7. I am grateful for many things, but during this past week of a winter ice and snow storm, I am grateful to have a house, a warm house, clean clothes, running hot water, electricity and food in the pantry because so many people were without those things during this winter storm!

    • YES. Isn’t it amazing that the “bare essentials” we all grow so used to having around (like electricity, water, etc) are so easy to take for granted until suddenly we don’t have them at our fingertips? We truly are lucky to live where we do yet it’s ridiculously easy to forget that. Great comment, thanks for stopping on by!

  8. YEs, totally grateful for everyone who “gets” me. Thankful for you guys who always inspire me, thankful that its not icing anymore and I can enjoy the sun! Thankful for posts like this!

  9. Wonderful post. It’s so easy to focus on the negative rather than the positive things in life. I have such a long list of things I’m grateful for, so I’m grateful that I have so much to be grateful for. Your post serves as a reminder that we should all start every day with gratitude for all of the blessings in our lives. Even when things seem bleak, we all have things to be grateful for because every day is a gift.

    • I love it, you’re so true – it may sound cliche, but life IS so short, everyday truly IS a gift and we should do nothing but savor every last second because you just never know…

  10. I love that you exude such positivity. I am grateful for so much lately. I tend to get a little cranky about the winter, so I force myself to look at the bright side of things and realize how many good things are in my life. This weekend I was grateful for a surprise visit from my best friend. It made my month!

    • Aw! Thank you! I won’t lie and say I’m “Polly Positive” all the time because let’s be real here – we all have bad days, right? I just try to capture and harness the positivity whenever it strikes. And selfishly, I like to blog about it so I have something to refer to next time I’m having a bad day. It TOTALLY does the trick. 😉
      PS. How cool of your friend to visit you so unexpectedly!

  11. I’m grateful for beautiful, inspiring, supportive friends, like you! What’s makes having people like you around even more special is the fact that, technically, we’re “strangers” to each other. Know what I mean?

    Congrats to Jen for signing up for her first 5K. 🙂 I know that feeling…:)

    • YES! That’s the best part of blogging – growing so close to these wonderful women we’ve never met (yet!) and bonding in ways that you often can’t bond with your IRL friends. Amazing, right?

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