Step into my (home) gym, won’t you?

Well, it’s time.

I’ve procrastinated long enough, but per Heather‘s insistence (love ya, girl), I am *finally* getting around to my “this is my home gym” post.

So without further ado….step into my (home) gym, won’t you?

That would be my weight bench, along with what could be the best purchase ever – the pull-up tower from Cathe, that doubles as my rack for my barbell. Comes in mighty handy during bench presses, lemme tell ya!

A shot of my step, free weights (the barbell is in the corner) and various medicine balls and stability balls.

The dreadmill treadmill I am learning to love in the winter, but that gathers lots ‘o dust in the spring/summer. Treadmill…I love to hate thee.

A sh*tload ton of workout DVDs ranging from lots of Cathe videos to my latest Core Fusion challenge DVDs. Wouldn’t you love to have that butt?? πŸ˜‰

And finally, a dated but still quite workable TV to watch all those videos (except those that need tons of space to move around, those I do in the living room) and to keep me occupied during those interval workouts on the treadmill. And yes, that *would* be a water fountain for my cats beside it. πŸ˜‰

So there you have it – my home gym. And yes, I realized after putting this post together that I am downright lucky to have all of this equipment at my fingertips. Trust me, I do not take it for granted whatsoever. And for the record, I acquired these goodies over time, so a home gym like this *is* feasible if you build it up over time versus handing over a big chunk ‘o change right out of the gate. Just sayin’.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a return for more Core Fusion Challenge updates…into week two we go!

29 thoughts on “Step into my (home) gym, won’t you?

  1. Still cracking up at how fast Heather commented πŸ˜‰ Love seeing the home gym up here as it is pretty fab. Makes me miss having a full gym set-up, but in the future, mine will be bigger and better than ever before, right?! πŸ˜‰

    • Haha, that was a riot – it was like RIGHT on cue as if she was listening to our very convo πŸ˜‰
      And yes, you WILL have a bigger and better home gym, and very soon. And then I’ll be jealous of yours πŸ˜‰

    • Oh trust me, you’d totally use it! I admit – I also have a gym membership for spinning and kickboxing classes, but I mainly use my home gym for everything else. It’s awesome to have the option…especially in the dark, cold, winters! It definitely would not go unused!

  2. nice… and ❀ Heather!! πŸ™‚

    I cannot wait until we get a new place – right now I have a treadmill, but I'd LOVE to have everything in one place… we have a heavy bag out in the garage but I am increasingly afraid of spiders… πŸ™‚

  3. i am SO IMPRESSED by your home gym…i had no idea! so not only do you have all that amazing equipment handy, you also motivate yourself to workout on your own! i’m so in awe of you right now. seriously. i can’t get past 5 minutes of a workout dvd at home, i end up sitting on the couch and watching the rest of it!

    • Aw shucks. I guess when I put it all together, it is a pretty darn neat set-up, huh? I’m just so used to having it and trust me I use it ALL the time, that it’s just part of my environment now and I love having the option of staying home or going out to the gym…or outside on a nice day. I just love working out, did I make that part clear yet? LOL

  4. Wicked post — I love seeing people’s home gyms! I don’t have any cardio equipment, but in the UK you can usually get outside to run all year round anyway. Plus I have a gym pass, so I do ok with that. I do have adjustable dumbbells though, which I find especially useful in a pinch. I must admit though that I’ve never been a workout DVD child. Though all this talk of Cathe is making me curious..

    I see you’ve embraced the “quoting people back at themselves” strategy too. I love it! Thanks for the awesome comment. I’m a perfectionist (no sh*t eh!) and find it slightly grating when I have to hold my hands up and say I got it wrong. So it’s always really cool to be championed for doing so! πŸ™‚

    • I’m jealous that you can get out year-round! Soak it in for me, mmk??
      As for Cathe – puhleeze, give her a shot, trust me, you will not be disappointed, especially if you’re looking for a different style of weight lifting to give a shot. She is the BEST there is.

  5. Wow I love your workout space, it looks great! I’ve the select tech weights too and step equipment. Loving the Cathe dvds and Core Fusion dvds (roll on mine arriving). Wow you have the Cathe tower, I have my eye on this, is it worth buying? I’m seeing if I can get one here but I don’t know if they are available here.

    • Totally worth the investment! I got mine on preorder so I got it cheaper, but I’d totally buy it again in a nanosecond! Once you try to do a pull-up on that thing, you’ll be amazed at how much harder they are than they look, ha!

  6. What a great resource! I would love to have my own equipment, especially a treadmill. We have a bit of a space issue around here, so a nearby gym is the best I can do.

  7. Holy MOLY! I wanna come work out at your house. πŸ™‚ Love the pull-up tower….that is definitely one of my goals (to be able to do at least, um, one). You are the perfect example of how it is not absolutely necessary to have a gym membership, in fact, I think a lot of times it’s better because your workouts are more varied, ya know?

    I would seriously LOVE to have my own dreadmill one day. I can see it coming in handy when it’s cold and I have kids at home. Hearing all of my SAHM friends talk about not leaving their house all day scares me!! πŸ˜‰

    • come on over, anytime my dear. Love to have you πŸ™‚

      I have to say, even though I hate the dreadmill, hating it in my own home is SO MUCH better than the darn gym! Worth every last penny.

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