Shake, shake, shake




That, my friends, is a sign of a killer workout.

Leg shaking.

No – scratch that, leg trembling.

What could possibly have that effect on me, you ask?

I’ve been known to have quite the DOMS after my typical leg workouts – which often include trisets, plyo moves and whatever else sounds utterly painful but is pretty awesome all at once.

Well, this time it was none other than Core Fusion, duh.

What *else* have I been doing this month, right?

But somehow, last night’s workout and this morning’s was different. My legs feel markedly stronger and, with that, markedly more sore. And, dare I say *slightly* less tight and inflexible. Not a huge difference from last week, but enough for me to count it as improvement. Let’s not kid ourselves here, I still qualify for the least flexible of all time award (an award I’m apparently not alone in!) but I am feeling ever so slightly more limber. Again, I use that word very loosely. 😉

So, yeah – you could say I’m falling deeper and deeper in love with Core Fusion the longer I stick to this month-long Core Fusion Challenge. It’s unreal how quickly my mindset has changed and I no longer fear the total shift in my workout this month is bringing. Instead, I’m embracing it. I love how it makes me feel – mind, even more so than body, in so many ways. But more on that mind-body thang in a future post, though.

For now, I’ll leave you with my workout “plan” for this week since I never got around to it on Sunday, the start of week two of the CF Challenge.

  • Sundayintervals on the treadmill; stretch
  • Monday – Core Fusion Body Sculpt
  • Tuesday – Core Fusion Lean & Toned
  • Wednesday – Intervals on the treadmill in the AM with a stretch; Core Fusion Pilates Plus after work
  • Thursday – Core Fusion Lean & Toned OR rest
  • Friday – Core Fusion Lean & Toned OR rest
  • Saturday – Intervals…or if weather permits, a run outside, plus Core Fusion TBD (probably just the ab curl portion if I don’t have time for a full CF workout that day)