Shake, shake, shake




That, my friends, is a sign of a killer workout.

Leg shaking.

No – scratch that, leg trembling.

What could possibly have that effect on me, you ask?

I’ve been known to have quite the DOMS after my typical leg workouts – which often include trisets, plyo moves and whatever else sounds utterly painful but is pretty awesome all at once.

Well, this time it was none other than Core Fusion, duh.

What *else* have I been doing this month, right?

But somehow, last night’s workout and this morning’s was different. My legs feel markedly stronger and, with that, markedly more sore. And, dare I say *slightly* less tight and inflexible. Not a huge difference from last week, but enough for me to count it as improvement. Let’s not kid ourselves here, I still qualify for the least flexible of all time award (an award I’m apparently not alone in!) but I am feeling ever so slightly more limber. Again, I use that word very loosely. πŸ˜‰

So, yeah – you could say I’m falling deeper and deeper in love with Core Fusion the longer I stick to this month-long Core Fusion Challenge. It’s unreal how quickly my mindset has changed and I no longer fear the total shift in my workout this month is bringing. Instead, I’m embracing it. I love how it makes me feel – mind, even more so than body, in so many ways. But more on that mind-body thang in a future post, though.

For now, I’ll leave you with my workout “plan” for this week since I never got around to it on Sunday, the start of week two of the CF Challenge.

  • Sundayintervals on the treadmill; stretch
  • Monday – Core Fusion Body Sculpt
  • Tuesday – Core Fusion Lean & Toned
  • Wednesday – Intervals on the treadmill in the AM with a stretch; Core Fusion Pilates Plus after work
  • Thursday – Core Fusion Lean & Toned OR rest
  • Friday – Core Fusion Lean & Toned OR rest
  • Saturday – Intervals…or if weather permits, a run outside, plus Core Fusion TBD (probably just the ab curl portion if I don’t have time for a full CF workout that day)



21 thoughts on “Shake, shake, shake

    • That’s exactly what it’s like, Heather! Lemme tell ya, all these long rides to and from work are not helping in the DOMS department. I sit there and grow more and more sore, it’s crazy!

  1. You know how my legs still shake like crazy. It never gets easier! I love how much you are loving Core Fusion!!! I am also so impressed you are doing this all with the DVDs… I don’t think I have it in me to push myself that way. You are amazing. Keep embracing, the results will be your answer.

    • That’s what I love: that no matter what, its always a challenge, and that will never change. Sure, I’ll gain strength and flexibility, but as soon as I do, its time to take that leg higher, let go of those arms during the ab curl, etc. There’s always *something* to leave you shaking and trembling at the end. Its so awesome!

      Ha, I am loving the DVDs but do hope to get to some classes, just proving tough with my work schedule but I’m definitely planning to get some classes in too πŸ™‚

  2. Wow sounds like the Core Fusion challenge is going well. Delighted for you. Just wondering do the legs shake and tremble more during workout than Cathe’s STS type workouts? Is it from a build up of lactic acid from constant reps and not heavy weight? Can’t wait to try them and see how they work. Got an email yesterday from Amazon that the workouts have finally shipped so hopefully I’ll have them in the next few weeks.

    • That’s exactly right, those little moves add up when you’re doing 30+ reps of them! That tremble oddly feels good, reminds me that I’m doing it “right” if that makes sense (as in, I’m not going too easy on myself which is easy to fall into when you workout at home vs in a class setting)

      • Love the shake! I have been doing the DVDs at least 3 times a week since late November. You’re right if your legs aren’t shaking on those thigh moves, then you aren’t doing them correctly. I can’t wait to hear about your first live class. I have a work trip to Miami in April, and I’m going to stay an extra day so I can go to a live Core Fusion class. The DVDs are fantastic, and I follow Fred and Lis’s instructions so I think I’m doing things correctly, but I know I probably have form issues that an instructor would see and correct. Your challenge is inspiring me to take it to the next level. I’ve seen such dramatic improvements since I first began. Did Bootcamp last night–always a challenge. I have ordered a playground ball from Amazon (on sale right now btw, very good deal), as well as a dual grip 6lb medicine ball, which Dori says they use in class (I think that’s what they use in the class on YogaVibes). I’m thinking that 6lb medicine ball will ramp it up from my 3lb hand weight, but that’s what it’s all about–gotta keep it real.

      • That’s awesome! I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing these workouts 3x a week or so after this challenge is over. Doing it 4-5 times a week right now has already proven change which is so rewarding!

        I’ve actually done the live classes before but it was a year or more ago that I went and even then it was so sporadic. If I’d gone consistently at that point, I’d probably have been a huge CF believer a lot sooner! I need to find a class I can fit into my work sched/commute now which is proving harder than I thought. But it’ll happen!

        Also, good for you for ramping up those workouts with the new med ball! Love that!

  3. I was with you on the shaky legs this morning. I thrashed out my runnign frustration on the rower!

    It’s so great to read your enthusiasm about this. And it’s a good reminder that while we pretty much *always* fear change (well, I do, anywya!) it can sometimes be the best thing in the world for us.

    And it really did help you getting angry by the way. You made me laugh out loud — in the real world sense too, not just the token electronic way! πŸ™‚

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