If you could have more of anything, what would it be?

Not gonna lie, I’m feeling very good about life so far in 2011.

I am healthy and injury free, able to tackle whatever challenges (hi, Core Fusion Challenge!) I want (which I do not take for granted, especially these healthy knees!).

I have a great new job that challenges me at every turn.

I have awesome friends, an amazing husband, the best sisters.

Yet, I find myself asking myself this question:

If I could have more of anything, what would it be?

Now before I answer, I have to preface this post with this: I am grateful. Filled with gratitude. I am not complaining about the goodness in my life right now. Nor am I showing off. At all.

I’m merely an overthinker you see, and very much a Type-A, so I’m always wanting to do more, be more.

So my answer to this question?

It’s simple, really.


That’s it.

More time for everything.

My new work commute has put some serious pressure on my free time. A typical day for me lately looks something like this.

  • 5:00 and 5:20am: Wake up. Workout at home – treadmill, weight workout, or lately a Core Fusion DVD.
  • 6:30-6:45 (latest): Shower and get ready for work
  • 7:30: hop in the car, grab coffee and be on the road by 7:40 (earlier would be better given traffic…)
  • 7:30-9:00, 9:30, 10:00…get to work somewhere around here. Which is SO LATE for me. At my last job, I was ALWAYS in by 8:30 if not sooner. I liked to use that time to get settled, check out my blog, take care of urgent emails and such before settling into my day. Now I’m rushing my ass into the office, ruffled from the long commute and I HATE feeling that way. Not settling, whatsoever. I’m hoping this will pass when the snow clears…typically traffic eases as we hit spring and definitely during the summer months. But I digress.
  • 5:45-6:00 – Make my way out of the office and back on the road
  • 6:45-7:15 – home from work. This varies drastically. Usually I’m finding that the commute home is a lot better than in the AM but it all depends. It could be a 45 min drive or over an hour. It just depends. Again, hoping this clears once the weather patterns shift.
  • 7:15-10:00 – cook dinner with Scott, catch up on our day, make lunch for tomorrow. And then…either relax and catch up DVR action, read some blogs and write a blog of my own, etc.

As you can see…this schedule leaves me with so little “extra” time that I’m feeling a little bit unbalanced. And I’m struggling with that a little bit. I want to do more…of everything.

Be a better fitness nut. Yes. I said it. I want to have time for Ride and Kick, for one. Ride in the AM doesn’t get out until 7am which would put me way behind my current “schedule.” Same goes for Kick at 6:30pm…would be very hard to get there now, unless I got into work earlier and left by 5pm to maybe, just maybe slide into class just in time for it to start. I’m considering going to that class here and there and just hitting the road later, in the hopes that maybe traffic will let up. But still.

Be a better wife, disconnecting more often at night so we have true and focused “us” time during the week. Thankfully, I have an amazingly supportive husband who “gets” my blogging habit and supports it fully. But still.

Be a better co-worker. I’d love to get to work much sooner so I can spend time getting myself organized before diving into the day. Yes, I know this will come with time. I get that. But still.

Be a better friend. Call my friends more often. Make plans to catch up over dinner. I try to cram most of that into the weekends, but I could do better. A LOT better, particularly about phone calls. I know, life happens. But still.

Be a better blogger. Comment often, and in a timely manner. I try SO hard to do this and am still doing it now. But it’s tough to squeeze in. I love this community and want to do my part. Not just on this blog but on your blogs, too. This goes for twitter too, something I haven’t had as much time for, either. I know…you get it and still love me (right??). But still.

At the end of the day, I know…this balance stuff will come with time as I settle into my new schedule but I always want to do more, be more, more, more. And I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t know how to give myself some leeway. Permission to let things go that I can’t fit into my day here and there. And truly be ok with that.

While I continue to mull this over…is there anything you wish you had more of?