Small victory, little joys


…some little things making me smile today.

A small victory in Core Fusion today. During Core Fusion Pilates Plus, I was able to lift my feet off the ground during one of the round back series (during the knees bent section for those of you familiar with the program). Sure, it was only for a few reps, but it signals progress. Working towards those moves I’m dying to quasi-master in Core Fusion.

The smile my husband always knows how to bring to my face with the most thoughtful of gestures. While getting myself together for work this morning, he left to fill my tank with gas and came back with a full tank plus a Starbucks venti waiting for me in the car. Saving me precious minutes on my commute this morning. He is the best.

Overhearing on the radio that it *may* hit 40 degrees this weekend. The mere thought of running outside this weekend fills my heart with joy.

Booking a somewhat spontaneous trip to Jamaica with  my sis and her boyfriend. A real beach vacation! With tropical umbrellas, sand, fruity drinks and SUNSHINE. With great company. While most of this post is about taking in the little things in our everyday life, this is a “big” little thing (it’s not everyday you book a trip to the islands, am I right??)

Comments from blog friends that give me such perspective. Sure, my post last night was a mash-up of “blogging it out” and whining just a tad, but your comments have been awesome. Giving me much-needed perspective and peace of mind that my much-beloved balance in life will soon return. And in the meantime, I’m going to focus less on that and more on all of the small victories and little joys surrounding me every single day.

Because my life? Well, it’s pretty damn good. Must not lose sight of that.