Core Fusion Challenge week #2, walking tall(er)

Walking tall.

Love that phrase.

To me, it signifies confidence, strength, power.

After this week’s Core Fusion challenge, I’m definitely Walking Tall(er).

What do I mean by that, exactly? Well, it goes back to the mind-body connection thang I mentioned in an earlier post this week. Because, let’s be honest, for this 5’3″ fit chick to consider herself “tall” by any stretch of the imagination, something has GOT to be up. 😉

So, just some ruminations from this past week’s challenge from a mind-body connection perspective:

  • I’m joyful – Thrilled that this challenge is turning out to be unexpectedly way more awesome than I expected it to be. I’ve loved every single workout, and sharing this with my sis has been even better. Now that our time together is more spread out than it was for the past six years, sharing this with her has been special. Stay tuned for another guest post from her/us. We have something fun in mind. 🙂 (Mind)
  • I feel stronger, physically –  A stronger core to hold those planks, which are still wicked hard, btw, but slightly better. Stronger legs to get low in those squats that never end in Boot Camp, today’s workout. It’s so hard to describe, but it’s a different kind of “strong” from what I’d get from a Cathe STS workout or something like TRX. It’s more about trusting your body to hold you steady, never letting you down…if that makes sense. (Body)
  • I haven‘t fallen into the fat talk habit. Looking back on the past two weeks, I haven’t had a single “fat” day or fat moment trickle into the back of my mind. This is something that literally just dawned on me today. Man, does that feel good…to finally stop beating myself up with those stupid thoughts that do nothing but damage your confidence.  (Mind)
  • I’m walking tall, legit. As in, my posture is much improved and I feel ever so slightly leaner. It feels SO counterintuitive to me that this could possibly be the case since I’m so used to hardcore cardio workouts to keep me in shape (along with weight training, of course). So doing something that is much less high impact, much more focused on stretching and lengthening the muscles, feels quite opposite for me, if that makes sense. But hell, if it’s accomplishing what I’d hoped it would, I’m all for this mindset shift going on! (Body)

As you can see, I’m having an awesome time with this challenge and am LOVING all of your supportive comments throughout. It’s really pushed me through, I can’t even begin to describe it. You guys are awesome!

Roll on, Core Fusion Challenge Week #3!


Quick aside – all that talk about lack of balance? Well *someone* must have been listening long and hard to me. I’m telling you, God works in mysterious ways. My boss, out of the blue, told me I should consider one day to work from home to avoid the commute. Really?? Um yes, please! So, I’m thinking that will be Thursdays, I have few meetings that day (typically) and it would allow me to get to Kick or TRX now and then which would thrill me to pieces. 🙂