Word of the week: surrender


Means something different to everyone, and totally depends on context.

This week marks the third week in the Core Fusion Challenge and I’m bound and determined to surrender.

Surrender to each stretch sequence, letting go of tight muscles that almost feel afraid to lengthen because they’ve been so tight for so long.

Surrender to strength in stillness. Embracing that stillness, gaining strength along the way. Pushing myself to remain still even when everything in my body is screaming at me to let go of whatever move I’m holding. Short term pain, long term gain.

Surrender to my body, letting it be great (this phrase ring a bell anyone? “let yourself be great” as my husband so often reminded me during my journey to becoming Group Kick certified…and again during the half marathon training last summer/fall).

Surrender. This is my one, my only, goal for this week, the third week in the Core Fusion challenge.

Speaking of which, here’s my plan for the week (which undoubtedly will change as we all know that life happens…but for now, this is it):

Sunday – Core Fusion Pilates Plus <—check!

Monday – Core Fusion Yoga Energy flow (so excited to get this one in the mail on Friday!)

Tuesday – Core Fusion Body Sculpt

Wednesday – Ride (bound and determined to get back to it, even if it means facing a longer commute…)

Thursday – Run outside (it’s supposed to hit 50!!); Core Fusion Lean & Toned

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Run outside; Core Fusion Pilates Abs