Holy Namaste!

Well – I originally intended to blog about my latest Core Fusion experience last night. But, I was so drawn to the “presence” topic that I wanted to save my Core Fusion post for today. And, based on your fantastic perspective and comments, clearly this is a topic that resonated with you all as well. Thank you for your insight, I really needed to hear much of what you had to say!

I was pleasantly – no scratch that, shockingly surprised at how much I LOVED Core Fusion Yoga Energy Flow, which I tried for the first time last night.

You know me.

I hate yoga.

I have no patience for it.





But this was different. This was fun. It moved at a fast pace and kept the heart rate going.

And I was surprised at how well I could do many of the moves…moves that just weeks ago I did a piss poor job of, if I do say so myself.

Moves like downward facing dog.

Plank into push-up into upward facing dog.

Plain-old push-ups moving out of plank.

Warrior pose.

I found myself loving the flow, and I daresay, I owned my yoga mat last night. (as much as “Inflexible Ingrid” over here can “own” her yoga mat!).

And I’m so frickin’ proud of myself for surrendering to the workout, and for sticking to this challenge because I’m seeing SUCH improvement in my core strength, flexibility, tone. Long, lean muscles.

It’s such fun to see that hard work pay off . That’s not to say that my hard work with other challenges hasn’t…but I’ve NEVER given 100% to core or yoga-based workouts before, the way I have to other things (like running). I’ve always given up before I had a chance to see changes. Well duh, no wonder I never “liked” these workouts before. I didn’t give them a chance.

So this is me. Admitting I was wrong.<—husband: are you seeing this? I admitted I was wrong. In a public forum 😉

I am a yoga, pilates, Core Fusion-lovin’ convert.

(holy) Namaste. 🙂