Holy Namaste!

Well – I originally intended to blog about my latest Core Fusion experience last night. But, I was so drawn to the “presence” topic that I wanted to save my Core Fusion post for today. And, based on your fantastic perspective and comments, clearly this is a topic that resonated with you all as well. Thank you for your insight, I really needed to hear much of what you had to say!

I was pleasantly – no scratch that, shockingly surprised at how much I LOVED Core Fusion Yoga Energy Flow, which I tried for the first time last night.

You know me.

I hate yoga.

I have no patience for it.





But this was different. This was fun. It moved at a fast pace and kept the heart rate going.

And I was surprised at how well I could do many of the moves…moves that just weeks ago I did a piss poor job of, if I do say so myself.

Moves like downward facing dog.

Plank into push-up into upward facing dog.

Plain-old push-ups moving out of plank.

Warrior pose.

I found myself loving the flow, and I daresay, I owned my yoga mat last night. (as much as “Inflexible Ingrid” over here can “own” her yoga mat!).

And I’m so frickin’ proud of myself for surrendering to the workout, and for sticking to this challenge because I’m seeing SUCH improvement in my core strength, flexibility, tone. Long, lean muscles.

It’s such fun to see that hard work pay off . That’s not to say that my hard work with other challenges hasn’t…but I’ve NEVER given 100% to core or yoga-based workouts before, the way I have to other things (like running). I’ve always given up before I had a chance to see changes. Well duh, no wonder I never “liked” these workouts before. I didn’t give them a chance.

So this is me. Admitting I was wrong.<—husband: are you seeing this? I admitted I was wrong. In a public forum πŸ˜‰

I am a yoga, pilates, Core Fusion-lovin’ convert.

(holy) Namaste. πŸ™‚

34 thoughts on “Holy Namaste!

  1. YES!!!! I know exactly what you mean! I was never a yoga person until exhale. Now, Core Fusion Yoga happens to be my favorite class each week (because of the teacher as much as the class) AND that Core Fusion Yoga Energy Flow DVD is my favorite after Body Sculpt. I brought that one to Seattle on vacation over the summer and loved it, and I brought it out to my backyard during the summer and did it outside and it was glorious. Such a good, sweaty workout, totally qualifies as cardio, yet all the pushups and chair make it an amazing strength workout too. SO HAPPY you love it!

    • Everything you love about it is EXACTLY what I love about it, too! I even told my sis that this may soon become my favorite of the CF workout DVDs…second to Body Sculpt and Lean & Toned, that is. πŸ˜‰ So hard to pick just one!

      I am SO bringing this workout with me to Maine this summer and doing it outside by the lake. How awesome and tranquil would that be??

    • I think that must have been part of my problem the entire time – I hadn’t tried a bunch of classes to figure out which style I actually enjoyed. But now that I’ve found it, watch out! πŸ˜‰

  2. Yay! I’ve been waiting for you to surrender to the yoga call for a while, LOL! The workout you describe reminds me of one I tried this weekend: Trainer’s Edge Long & Lean Yoga. It’s super intense and hard, and is a Vinyasa Flow yoga, so it has cardio as well as strength.

    I must admit, I don’t stick with any exercise long enough to see results. I may have to do a challenge myself and force myself to stick with something. I’m glad you’re seeing such fantastic results from your challenge.

    • Haha, I guess I made you wait long enough then, huh?? Seriously, I LOVED the workout, so much so that I’m already looking forward to trying it again. Who knew?!

      So if you’ve never stuck to something long enough to see results – I challenge you to try. Pick something you love and stick with it for a month. See how you feel afterwards πŸ™‚

    • You are so smart…or maybe you just know me since we have similar personalities?? But you’re right – I’m usually multitasking in my head while working out and after starting this CF Challenge, I’m learning to find inner stillness during exercise and it’s made SUCH a difference.

      And, um yeah, yoga is very much physical as it is mental, yeouch! πŸ™‚

  3. Yeah for loving the yoga, glad the core fusion yoga energy flow is a winner and you’re owning that yoga mat! Can’t wait to try it as well.

    I checked flights to Philly, they’re pricey but I’ll keep looking. Would love to do the Glassboro road trip, it would be so much fun to meet up with you guys.

    • I forget – did you buy that one? or just the regular core fusion DVDs we talked about before?

      Keep an eye on flights, maybe they’ll drop in time for you to commit to registering on Friday??

  4. Oh God, does this mean I’m going to have to admit that I’m wrong too? I also hate yoga. But the more I hear this CRAZY talk from you over there, the more I’m thinking that maybe someone as impatient as me can get something out of it.. Hmm…

    • HAHA you crack me up! Yes, yes, you just *may* have to admit to being wrong. I DARE you to try this workout and then tell me you still hate yoga. Seriously. I’m that confident that you’ll love it…if this former yoga-hater loves it, I can guarantee you will too! hehe

  5. Yoga classes are SO not what I thought they would be! I love Vinyasa….with the right teacher, it IS a workout! I hate it when people say “Yoga isn’t a workout…it’s just stretching.” Um, NO! I’m so glad you are loving it, too! It took me awhile, but I think I’m there. I actually haven’t done it in awhile and MISS IT.

    • Totally! I admit to being one of “those” people that didn’t count yoga as a workout – but with the right type of class, you damn well better believe it’s a workout! I loved this so much!!

  6. So great! I have a love/hate relationship with yoga. Sometimes my mat is the only place I want to be. Other times, I feel like running away from it and never going back. I’m glad you had an amazing practice!

    • had to giggle at the whole “running away” comment – especially since I knew that if you were running away from that mat it was likely to go for a run instead. πŸ˜‰ I’m learning to love the mat…it’s an interesting adjustment, mindset-wise but I’m getting there.

  7. I’m so happy to hear that you like the CF Yoga Flow DVD. It’s one of my favorites! I feel fabulous during the workout and when I finish. I really am enjoying following your CF journey. It inspires me to continue with mine. CF is one of the best things that has happened to my workouts–physically challenging, body changing, and mind focusing.

    • Well I have you (and Dori) to thank for pushing me to try this one, I LOVED it so much!!

      And your excitement and passion about your own CF journey has made me THAT much more excited about where I’m going with this. So thank you again for that too! I love that this is the best thing that has happened to your workouts…I think I’m going to agree with you on that one, personally, too.

  8. Oh maybe I need to try this one! I too hate yoga, though I’ve kept on trying it. I thought I’d enjoy the flow more as it keeps moving, but I hate having to do the same things 5 freaking million times (like at the Cathe RT, I was sooo done with downward dog, sun whatever…).

    • HA! You know what? I TOTALLY thought of us in that class at the Cathe RT last summer! I was SO antsy and couldn’t stand it and had to leave early because I HATED it that much. So yeah, maybe that form of yoga wasn’t for me (or you, even though at least you’re super flexible!) but this one did the trick. Loved it. I think you should give it a whirl when you’re done with your half training!

  9. This is a quasi-unrelated reply, but for those of you who do not have the CF DVDs and want to try them or watch them before buying, I just discovered that Hulu has Core Fusion Arms & Abs, Thighs & Glutes, Pilates Plus, and Body Sculpt available in their entirety. You have to play them on your computer. Hulu has a bunch of exercise DVDs available. Who knew?

  10. Ah, FLOW classes converted me, too! Almost a year ago – I realized I COULD get my HR going and work my muscles like Whoa…with Yoga? Yup. You know I loved reading this post πŸ˜‰ haha

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