These things running through my brain…

…I must, I must get them down on “paper” before they run right back out.

Random thoughts, questions, ruminations running through my brain…

Damn, that was an incredible run this morning. Outside! In the fresh air! Without nearly freezing my face off! And with my one of my favorite running pals (Steph, who trained as part of our Wicked Half marathon group)! Runner’s high, much??

I have wicked ADD. I blame social media. I can’t believe how much my attention span has gone down lately. Noticed it today as I was multitasking at work while checking in on twitter and such. Alll over the place. I’ve become such a spaz. Wow.

Is that definition I see?? Something I noticed today. Nah, I don’t have a six pack – nor was that my intent with the Core Fusion Challenge (though, I wouldn’t complain if I did!). But I noticed something while showering this morning. Sure, I still have some “soft” spots I’d like to burn off with some additional cardio work. But my stomach is noticeably flatter and a teensy tiny bit more defined. By God, Core Fusion is working!

For someone who loves all things fitness as much as me, I’m actually kinda low maintenance in some ways. Let me explain. Sure, I have built-up a pretty kick-ass home gym annnnd I have a gym membership too for things like Ride, Kick, etc. But when it comes to something like running? I think I fall into the very low-maintenance category – I don’t have much “gear” if you will. Tina‘s post today spurred this thought. I have a garmin but it’s the most basic of models. That’s about it. I don’t use an iPod. I don’t use a camelback. I don’t wear sunglasses (hate how they jiggle on my face). Just me, some warm clothes if it’s winter, running shorts if it’s summer, my heart rate monitor and my sneaks. And I’m good to go. Is that weird?

My goal tomorrow? To be the #1 registrant for the annual Cathe Road Trip. Yes, last year I was lucky #2. I was fast-fingered with my registration (trust me, to get into the road trip, you have to be GLUED to your computer right as sign-ups open). But I want to be even faster this year. Random goal, I know. But I am just SO excited for the Road Trip this year…getting to see Heather (and her sis, wee!) again will ROCK. A girls weekend with my sister, surrounded by friends and fellow Cathletes, sweating it up all weekend, I mean, what could be better, really?? 😉

Random enough post for you today?? I had loads of blog post ideas running around in my head today. Since I couldn’t pick just one, I figured I’d group ’em together. Plus – that whole presence thing? Working out for me pretty well. I hope you didn’t miss me *too* much yesterday! Happy Thursday, ya’ll!

23 thoughts on “These things running through my brain…

  1. Love the randomness today! I am SO high maintenance when it comes to running. I swear it takes me a good 15 mins to gear up! Jason is that way too so all in all, 30 mins just to get going. It’s really sad.

    I love your #1 goal for Friday 😉 Though I am really sad that I don’t think my sis is going to be able to join us (funds).

    • haha, how did I guess you’d admit to being a high-maintenance runner 😉 Too funny.
      To each his/her own!
      Trust me, I’m high maintenance in many, many, MANY other ways LOL

      I’m sad about your sis, I’m dying to meet her 😦

  2. Best of luck with the Cathe sign up tomorrow. Let me know how you get on. I checked flights again for the trip this morning and this evening, they’re too expensive. I’m guessing it’s because it’s summer time, Chicago trip may be more doable in October when the flight prices come down and I can get a good deal. You and Jolene are more than welcome to do an Irish Cathe type/ Core Fusion road trip here.

  3. LOL! Loved this post. I am not a high maintenance runner either. Never thought of it that way! I am going to have to covertly sign up tomorrow for the RT since I am in a meeting at that time! nooooo! 😉

  4. Hmmmm, I always joke around that I have adult ADD and have thought I’ve had it ever since Facebook made an appearance in my life….hmmm. Now I am going to be thinking about the correlation!

  5. Random posts are the best!

    1. I’m so glad you got to run outdoors today! Its the only way to run (IMO).

    2. I’m with you on the short attention span. I find myself trying to write emails within 140 characters 🙂

    3. I’m pretty sure you already have muscle definition!

    4. Don’t be like me; stay low-maintenance with the running stuff – your bank account will appreciate it!

    5. Good luck with your goal tomorrow!

  6. I love random posts!

    I am also a spaz. It’s especially easy to get distracted when I’m editing really tough sections of my thesis. I need to work on powering through tough work sessions in the same way I power through tough workouts.

    And I am SO not a low maintenance runner! With gadgets, I only take a Garmin and an iPod. But when it comes to socks / bras / tshirts / jackets etc I have a tun! I think that comes from doing 14+ miles. You become obsessed with seams! 😉

  7. I am a total spaz, too! I am always doing 18 things at once and barely sit still. I think that’s why I love running. It’s my break from the craziness.

    I’m a pretty low-maintenance girl, but a VERY high–maintenance runner. The Garmin actually is the least of my worries. I obsess over which fuel to take, filling the Camelbak, socks/bra/tights…oh man! I am very particular about my socks because my feet need all the TLC they can get. The worst part is that I keep an extra set of everything in my car…just in case the need for running gear arises. I will be ready! Haha

    • What a great way to put it – running is your break from craziness. Love that!

      I think it’s a riot that you even have spare running gear in your car JUST in case there’s a running emergency! LOL

  8. I blame social media on my ADD, too! I swear I never felt like this 10 years ago. I have a HARD time sitting still with my thoughts. 🙂

    I love the randomness! I’m a random girl so I follow you. 🙂 LOVE that you had a great run with a good friend AND that you are lovin’ CF! Next week I’m trying the new DVD….hold me to it, k???

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