On “getting something back we didn’t know we lost”

These were the words uttered by one of The Biggest Loser contestants this week:

“…we’re getting something back that we didn’t know we lost”


“I’m done being irresponsible with my health.”

I don’t know why, but these quotes both struck such a chord with me that I had to write them down while watching our DVR’d version with my husband last night.

Partly because it is just so heart-breaking to me to watch some of these contestants battle themselves the way that they do. Food has such a stronghold over them in some cases that they very easily fall back into the bad habits the second they are presented with temptation (those temptation scenes are the worst, I hate them, for the record). And it makes me cry everytime.

So when I see these contestants overcome their food battles and start to turn a corner, well, it really doesn’t get much better than that. To see them visibly shaking from gratitude that they are finally “getting something back we didn’t know we lost” and learning to be responsible with their health, it’s awesome.

And it reminds me, yet again, that I am filled with gratitude, especially health-wise. Sure, I have my down days where I don’t always feel quite so chipper about how I look or feel, but overall, I have nothing to complain about. I am thankful that I have never had a big-time weight problem to overcome, or a physical ailment that prevents me from achieving my health and wellness goals. Yet, it always touches my heart when I see others struggle with it and all I want to do is help – hug them, support them, encourage them. Show them that they are strong and that they can overcome.

This is probably why I love what this blog has become for me – not just an outlet to spout off about my favorite workouts and challenges, but to inspire change. Even the tiniest of changes. Change can be very good. It can help you get something back you didn’t know you lost.

For me, lately? I’m thankful that I’ve gotten my confidence back – I didn’t realize just how this Core Fusion Challenge would change me, psychologically. I feel confident and have far less of those self-doubt (‘i.e. “fat talk”) thoughts swirling around in my head than before. And I’m not quite sure why Core Fusion has done that for me…or if it’s just been a combination of things, Core Fusion being one of them. But I’m darn grateful, whatever the reasons may be.

What are you thankful for that you didn’t necessarily know you’d lost?


PS. Did you know today is National Drink Wine Day?? I say we collectively “cheers” tonight around 8pm to one another. I mean, who are we *not* to celebrate it??

18 thoughts on “On “getting something back we didn’t know we lost”

  1. Make it an INTERNATIONAL Drink Wine Day and I’ll say “Cheers!” to that here in Germany 😉 And as always: Thank God, I live in Europe so it’s just 3 hours until Wine O’Clock! 🙂

    However, I loved your post – as always. But even though I don’t know the US version of “Biggest Loser” I just want to say that I don’t like these programs. They seem to me like Freak Shows in a circus. I doubt that someone with food problems or bad eating habits would ever learn how to handle them while watching these programs. And the others, like you and me, just look and stare and are grateful for not being like “them”. Watching people suffering, trembling, crying, feeling desperate about the lack of discipline, self confidence etc. makes me switch the channel. Just can’t stand it… And I really doubt that these programs help people. What do you think? Do you know anyone who ever changed habits by watching TV? Isn’t it more a thought of “Thank God this isn’t me?” to make “us” feel better?

    Have a wonderful weekend, you two! Julia

    • I will cheers to you tonight too, Julia! Just so long as you cheers to me in three hours time 😉

      I have to say, I find The Biggest Loser inspiring for the most part. Yes, it can appear a little “freak show” like in that we’re watching people with major weight issues struggle with it in front of the world to see. But, I do believe that this show has helped those contestants to change their lives…and I HOPE that it’s inpsired those watching that also have weight problems to make some changes. I can’t say that I have evidence to prove that though, and I know there’s lots of opinions on this show as it is. I watch it for what it is – something that most of the time inspires me (vs. breaks my heart).

  2. Hmm…I’m thankful for rediscovering my creative non-fiction writing voice, which I didn’t know I’d lost. All, my competitive spirit. Most people think of being competitive as bad, but that’s what gave me the beginning push to do many of the things I’m most proud of–academically, physically, and creatively. After not feeling as if I’m no competition for anyone on any front, I am starting to feel the spirit to push myself to be better coming back with some little victories (and pushes from bloggers like you ;-)).

    What kind of physical results have you been seeing from your challenge so far?

    • I agree with you – competitive spirit isn’t a “bad” thing per se. It’s only negative if you look at competition as a way to “beat out” others vs. simply competing with yourself to live your best life possible.

      I am so proud of you for pushing yourself, that is SO great to hear!!

      Let’s see – physical results? I have bettter posture, I feel like my muscles are becoming longer (not that I was at all “bulky” or anything before, not at all) and my core is stronger by a LOT. I can hold those planks much better, push-up form is much improved, and I’m starting to notice my flexibility is starting to show…which is quite relative since I’m SO inflexible as it is!!

  3. Great post sis, and it truly IS what makes you blog so great. It goes beyond workouts and all that jazz. To gratitude. Perspective. I am thankful for realizing that I am independent even when I get homesick or scared, doing this takes guts.

    • That means a lot coming from you – you’ve always been my blogging inspiration! You’re like a superstar in bloggy land!! And you’re a superstar in real life too – can’t wait for you to get home !

  4. Well, for starters, you know I’m celebrating this special holiday with you 😉

    Lately I’ve regained some confidence again – with running, with happiness, with learning to like myself. It’s amazing that we can let all that go sometimes. Lose faith in ourselves first and foremost.

    • It’s the best holiday I never knew existed if you ask me!

      I am SO SO SO happy to hear you say you’re feeling confident again and that you are learning to like yourself. You should! You are a pretty fanfrickintastic girl in my book! Love it.

  5. Hopefully I will get to “cheers” with my mom and sisters this weekend!

    I’ve definitely gained some confidence with getting my new job. My current job doesn’t allow me to feel like I excel anywhere….but this new job gives me hope that I’ll be able to. 🙂

  6. Oh, I didn’t know it was drink wine day, but I did partake! I had a glass of leftover white that I decided to see away with my tofu and broccoli. It was Friday night, after all. Rock. And. Roll!

    Thank you for admitting to the fat talk. I’m realising there are a lot of taboos surrounding weight talk in the blog world. As someone who has a pretty good figure, I feel uncomfortable admitting the fat thoughts. Maybe because it seems ungrateful(?), or maybe because I don’t like acknowledging them.. Anyway, I would love to find a way to overcome them. I’ll let you know..

    Getting something back I didn’t know I’d lost… I think my physical confidence. Not in my appearance, but in my performance. Being injured can really eat away at your trust in your body, but after yesterday’s run I realised that it is slowly returning 🙂

    Have a good weekend!

  7. Funny, is it really national drink wine day? I love it and I agree with Julia’s comment on making it an international drink wine day! Not that I need an excuse to drink wine. So I’m dying to know did you and Jolene get on the roadtrip?

    The offer holds too for a trip out here. Have a fun weekend and enjoy the vino.

  8. I had the same reaction when Rulon said those words, probably because up until 7 years ago, I didn’t know *how* to be responsible for my health. Now, in her 60’s, my mom is only just now learning how to be responsible her self. Its been eye opening and made me realize that its something that people need to learn, not something that’s just a given.

    Now that you say Core Fusion has changed you psychologically, I am even more so intrigued by it!

  9. I can definitely relate to those contestants. My weight problem never reached that level, but it wasn’t until I lost the weight that I realized just how much it was hurting. I realized how good it felt to have normal energy levels, clearer skin, and an overall feeling of strength and health.

    • Wow, your comment struck me in such a big way. To hear straight from someone who has “been there” (even if not on the biggest loser level) and has come out so strongly (hello, Marathoner??), is SUCH an inspiration to me.

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