Core Fusion: She said/She said

That’s what she said.

Oh wait. Different blog post.

<insert giggling like two five-year-olds here>

Rather than have my sis guest blog for me again on how things are going with her Core Fusion Challenge (because she already has a big enough blog ego since that post generated the most hits in a single day to my blog ever…but I digress), I figured we’d “co-blog” tonight instead. (and she’s even claiming this post as “her idea” as I type this…see what I mean about blog ego???). I kid. I kid. Kinda

Moving on.

Let me introduce you to a little segment I like to call: Core Fusion: She said/She said

Favorite Core Fusion move(s)?

She said (that’s me!):The plank! Followed closely by that ab curl (love to hate). The plank is one that always frustrates the hell outta me. We had a “plank contest” at our gym and I was like SO annoyed by the mere thought of it…how the eff can someone plank for MINUTES on end?? I mean, really – who has a plank contest anyway <crosses arms> But now? I think a plank contest would be kinda neat…though I could probably only hold it for like a minute+ but still, progress!

She said (the sis): The ab curl, because no matter what, it’s challenging and I always feel a little stronger after. And any move that will give us ‘high rounded butts” as Elisabeth calls them. I want a nice ass butt for Jamaica dammit! <—me too!

Least favorite move(s)?

She said (that’s me!): For me – it’s gotta be the ab curl to the side, the ones that work obliques. I don’t know why, but doing those are SO much harder for me to do properly than the regular ab curl. Drives me NUTS. I still love to hate the darn things though…what can I say, they work.

She said (the sis): Downward dog. I freakin’ hate those. And you know why? Because there are about five hundred of them in Core Fusion Boot Camp (and Yoga)!

Most improved (so far)?

She said (that’s me!): The flat back/round back series. Wait, scratch that. Make it the round back series – flat back is still much harder for me given how inflexible I am in the quads. But round back? I can pick up my feet for some of those sequences which is a big step for me. Before, it was a lot of shuffling and awkward jerking moves that got me nowhere fast.

She said (the sis): Overall stamina – strength in stillness. Less overall “I’m-gonna-die-this-sucks-this-is-so-hard-I-don’t-wanna” thoughts streaming through my brain. Second most improved? The flat back series. Like my sister, I’m much more graceful than the aforementioned jerking motion outlined above. (Note to Lindsay – sorry, no videos allowed yet, maybe some pics next time now that we’re a wee bit more graceful, i.e. not fodder for blackmail material)


She said (that’s me!): Core Fusion Boot Camp scares me. A lot. As in, I’ve only done it a few times twice. It’s like I need to “work up” to it in my head. If I wait too long into the week to add it to the rotation. It ain’t getting in there. Note to self: do this one on Mondays or Tuesdays when you’re least sore/tired and more likely to bite the bullet. Friday? No chance in hell. (peanut gallery comment: You call that a confession? Wuss!)

She said (the sis): Um. I sometimes once in awhile skip the stretch at the end if I’m running low on time. Please. No scolding. I know this is bad. That’s why it’s a confession. (peanut gallery comment – um hello! We are the LEAST flexible humans on the planet, don’t avoid stretching at the end!! Ok, I’m done. Peanut gallery response: why do you think I hate to stretch?)

Well, now that I totally feel like I have multiple personalities after typing this up, I hope you enjoyed our little Core Fusion Progress Report.

Our grades thus far:

Effort: A+

Enthusiasm: A+

Creativity: eh, not sure where I was going with this one. We’ll give it a solid C.

Commitment: A- (because we can’t give ourselves *all* A+ grades now could we? How presumptuous of us!)


29 thoughts on “Core Fusion: She said/She said

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  2. LOL – re-reading this now, published, is even more hysterical than when we wrote it, cackling and giggling like 12 year olds. Hopefully our humor translates, otherwise we just look like weirdos 😉

    • Um, we’re definitely weird. Let’s not try to deny that one. I sure thought this was a funny post but then again, who knows how others will “read” this, hopefully they cackle (ok, giggle) at least once. I’d be happy with that. 😉

  3. Ha! That’s good stuff, right there.

    My girlfriend and I are definitely going to invest in these videos soon. I can’t wait to give them a try.

    (And I heart yoga so I’m secretly thrilled about that part!)

    • YAY!! I’m excited you’re going to give them a whirl – I promise you will not be disappointed! I bet you’ll LOVE the Core Fusion Yoga Energy Flow one best given you love yoga already!

    • Hahah, how did I know you’d get a kick out of this, my friend? Love it.
      So interesting that not many of you really “know” what CF is – I may need to do a post on exactly how it all works. Note to self. 😉

  4. Funny post, you guys should do more double post, they’re good. Yeah for the Core Fusion dvds finally arriving this morning but I’m a little hungover ( or maybe I should say very hungover and delicate) was out with friends for dinner and drank quite a bit of wine. Have the day off work and tempted to just lie down for the day and read and watch trash tv. If I get the energy I may do the core fusion energy flow yoga, I’m guessing that’s a nice relaxing one or maybe I’m dreaming it is!

    • We had WAY too much fun writing it, lemme tell ya. If my husband didn’t think I was nuts already, he REALLY does now. Ha.

      I LOVE that you had a great night with friends – screw the workout and be lazy today!! Sometimes its what the body needs!

  5. Great post! Very entertaining. I hope you both continue on your Core Fusion journey after the challenge ends. And I’m very impressed that you manage to get your feet off the floor during the round back part and feel at least kind of adept while performing that move. I can only imagine what I look like when I perform that move, and it ain’t pretty!

    • I’m definitely planning on it – not sure how or what form it’ll take yet, but it’s definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s made such an impact on me so far, I can’t imagine walking away from it now!

  6. Plank remains one of my favorite moves. It’s funny, I see them on all workouts and even on “I Used to Be Fat”–some incorporating medicine balls, some push up style, some with forearms down. They really work the whole body. I’m surprised that you (Jess) haven’t been all over Boot Camp. You strike me as the girl that loves a real challenge. I can’t imagine you backing down from one. Jo, don’t skip the stretching! Not only does it help your flexibility, it keeps you from overexerting those muscles. OK, that’s my preaching for today…

    Just curious: are either of you going to incorporate any of the core fusion exercises or other core work into your routines after the challenge?

    • I know – you’re RIGHT! I LOVE a good challenge. I don’t know why Boot Camp scares me! Once I get into it, I LOVE it. It’s just getting started for some reason that’s tough. Haha. But I PROMISE I’ll do it this week. Just because you pushed me on it. So thank you 🙂

      And yes, I do plan to keep up with CF after the challenge is over…just not sure what my routine will look like yet. I have to figure that out next.

  7. Haha! Once I got over the slightly mind-boggling “wait, who’s talking now” confusion, this was really cool to read! I’m totally with you on the plank contest btw. Why would you do that!? (Unless you thought that you might win 😉 )

    • Ha! I’m glad you liked it!! Thanks for stopping by, girl!
      And yes, it is kinda sick that you love doing planks…but I’m getting there so I will be crazy with you soon I think.

  8. Hahaha! I love that you’re doing this with your sis and that you are each having a different, yet rewarding experience. I don’t have a sister, but I might drag my best friend into a challenge like this. We train for marathons together (well, not really together because she’s super fast!) but anyway…this would be so fun!

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