Well, that was eye-opening

I returned to Kick tonight.

For the first time in ohhhh, about four weeks or so.

….does four weeks ring a bell to you?

That’s just about how long I’ve been in this Core Fusion Challenge with my sis.

And wow, was tonight’s class eye-opening.

Usually I find Kick to be EXTRA challenging when in the class versus doing it at home (which is a given since there’s that competitive edge that comes out when in a class setting, afterall). And even harder if I’m teaching it (note to self: I miss teaching!!).

Well tonight’s class felt so different.

Not “easy” by any stretch. Still an ass kicker for sure. But tonight’s class? I felt stronger. Powerful. In control of my moves – especially those side kicks, roundhouse kicks and front kicks.

I totally credit two things to why Kick felt so good tonight:

1 – intervals. All those intervals I love to hate? They are amping up my endurance! High five to me!

2 – Core Fusion! A strong core? Well damn, it transformed my Kick technique incredibly. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror a couple times and dare I say, I looked pretty fierce. 😉

Moral of this story? I heart Group Kick…and I *really* heart Core Fusion. It’s opened up my eyes to a whole new side of fitness I’ve been avoiding for far too long.

Do I regret that? Nah. I wasn’t ready to embrace it. But I am now. Like whoa. 😉

18 thoughts on “Well, that was eye-opening

  1. Obviously, I was thinking the EXACT same thing. My kicks were way strong and steadier because my core felt so strong. From front to back too, like a girdle of strength! LOL girdle was the only word I could think of, even though it’s kind of a lame word 😉

    • LOL did you legit just use the word “girdle” in reference to strength?? Haha, But I totally know what you mean (duh) – it made SUCH a difference to actually feel my core working in Kick last night. I’ve never felt anything quite like it…which makes me so proud that we are sticking this challenge out! Go us 😉

    • I’m honestly REALLY excited after going to Kick last night and actually seeing that hard work and focus pay off. I was so afraid that drastically changing my normal workout routine would somehow *not* work. Which is so silly I know, but you know how this brain works right??

    • Isn’t it so neat to actually see it in action versus just “hoping” that your core is strengthening? Who knew until you see it actually happen. So exciting.
      And YES, I hope you get back to Kick soon, there’s nothing quite like it is there?

  2. You have been rocking those intervals and I’m sure building a lot of speed and leg strength. Ever thought of doing shorter races, like a 5/10K? Just a thought. With all the core work you’re doing, I’m sure you would rock them!

    • I tend not to like the shorter (as in 5k) distances for races because I’m JUST getting into a groove and the race is over! Know what I mean? I do like the 5-milers and have yet to do a 10k…I should though, I bet I’d love that distance.

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  4. I’m sorry that I’ve been SO BAD at commenting lately…just know that I’ve been reading about your Core Fusion challenge with glee and excitement all month! I’m so glad that you’re finally coming around to the light side ;-)…core work rocks!

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