Core Fusion Challenge – the final week…

So here we are.

It’s the final week of the Core Fusion Challenge my sister and I embarked on way back on February 1st.

Part of me wondered if I’d make it through this month without “cracking” due to the complete change in workout routine and thus, mindset, it would require.

But now that I’m here and I’m looking back at just how changed I feel after the past few weeks of the challenge, I can’t imagine it ever ending.

So I’m not ending it.

Well – not really. Sure, I’ll still call this week the “last” week of the Core Fusion Challenge. Because it is the last week of the challenge as I defined it originally.

But it’s certainly not over for me. Now that Core Fusion is in my life, I can’t imagine just ending it here. I feel too changed, too impacted by it…

  • I’m *still* determined to conquer these Core Fusion moves.
  • I want to overcome my apparent “fear” of Core Fusion Bootcamp and come to terms with our love/hate relationships.
  • I am looking forward to more “she said/she said” blog posts with my sis…perhaps a series we’ll return to when we start our two weeks of Core Fusion classes at the newly opened Exhale Battery Wharf in Boston (thank you, Rue La La!).
  • I want to have even more eye opening experiences thanks to a stronger core like I did the other night after Kick.
  • And, not gonna lie, I’m really digging the compliments (totally unprovoked!) from my husband who said “wow, you look so long!” the other night while I was cleaning up after dinner. And for anyone who knows me in person, or has met me, “long” is not exactly a word to describe me (hi 5’3″ much?).

Yeah, I’m pretty much infatuated with Core Fusion.

And, I’m excited for the “last” week of this challenge…but even more so, I’m excited about what’s to come in the next phase of the journey.  Which maybe, just maybe, will include me touching my toes someday…mastering on-the-toes push-ups…and finding my “inner length” despite my height challenged ways. 😉

25 thoughts on “Core Fusion Challenge – the final week…

  1. I am excited too, sis. And glad that we are both continuing. It is becoming such a part of my workout routine, it would feel weird NOT to keep doing it. And it lets us work out together virtually when we aren’t together. And I can’t wait for our two week unlimited! Whee!

  2. I’m so glad the challenge went so well for you! There’s nothing like getting to love something new that does so much good for you–and I think it’s so sweet that you and your sister did the challenge together! I’m sure the two of you are an abs sight.

    I did CF DVDs exclusively for a few months last year in preparation for Carnival (teeny bikini costumes, oh my) and was SHOCKED at the difference they made. I did them on and off since last March, but came back to CF with a vengeance (like, five times a week) two weeks ago to prepare for Carnival next week. It’s been two weeks and I can already see a BIG difference; there’s no other core workout like it.

    • Aw thank you for saying so! It really has gone SO much better than I expected! I LOVE the results so far and know that by sticking to it, I’ll be even more pleased (especially mentally, vs. physically believe it or not).

      Such a cool experience you had with CF! You’re right, doing CF exclusively and REALLY committing to it makes SUCH an impact in a short span of time. I am so excited about it! You’re right…nothing else compares core-wise.

  3. When I got the email about that RuLaLa deal, I thought of you! I’m so glad you got it! I can’t wait to hear about the classes. Core Fusion sounds like a great workout that helps achieve a mind/body connection.

    • HA! What a riot!! That Rue La La deal was unreal! I’m so glad I caught it!!
      I seriously hope you’ll try CF once you’re done marathon training, I really think you’d dig it

  4. Oh wow I didn’t know there was a Core Fusion place in Boston. I’ll be in Boston end of April for Jen Hendershott’s Phat camp ( have been thinking about doing this camp for a long time, join me at camp if you like). I’ll have to check Core Fusion website and drop into the Core Fusion centre. Which means too, I have to start doing the core fusion dvds, I tried the yoga one and two segments of bootcamp, it was hard.

    • Yes! This is actually the second Exhale Spa (which offers Core Fusion) in Boston. I am SO excited to try out the new locale!! And um….you’re gonna be in Boston in April??? You HAVE GOT TO save time to meet up with me and Jo! We’d love, love, LOVE to meet you!!! Email me the dates you’ll be here, maybe we can meet up!
      PS. Bootcamp is SO HARD! I am determined to give that one a go again tomorrow. I don’t know why, it just scares me. LOL.

  5. Ha, I love that compliment from Scott! (It’s Scott, right? I sometimes get people’s husbands confused!) That must really have spurred you on 🙂

    I have loved reading about this challenge, and I’m hoping you’ll continue with something in the same vein, as this is an area that I’m really lacking in. I’ve struggled recently to move myself out of my “comfort zone” workout wise. Not in terms of how hard I work, but in terms of the *way* that I work. I’m really stressed and wired right now, and I know that working at a high intensity helps me deal with that. But I also know what doing something along the lines of CF would really help me. I just haven’t quite managed to take the leap of faith. I guess I’m nervous about change in case it unsettles me too much..

    Anyway, long story short, you have planted a seed. G’wan, keep watering it for me 😉

  6. LOVED reading about your CF Challenge throughout – it’s truly amazing how many people are out there who have never even heard of it! (Myself included, until about a year ago). 😉 I love that you are feelin’ strong and long!

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