Ya, mon

“Ya, mon” <—officially my favorite Jamaican saying, ever.

That and “we don’t have problems, just situations.” I mean, how smart is that, right??

But I digress.

The good news? Jamaica was *just* what the doctor ordered.

The bad news? Apparently I needed more than just a fanfrickintastic Jamaican retreat to heal me of the sickies I was plauged with just before we left. Yup, I’m sick. Again. But this time, I SWEAR it’s going to be gone by tomorrow. For reals.

But let’s get back to the fun stuff. No complaints in this blog post! Like I said, there are no problems in Jamaica, only situations. And in this case, we got ourselves into lots of “situations” – but only fun ones, I swear!

There was lots of this:

Pool time. Ah, love.

And these…Miami Vice, yum. No shame from this fitblogger. 😉

And a few of these…walks on the VERY short beach (no running on this trip, the beach was tiny…but again, no guilt or shame from me on this trip…for the first time ever, I didn’t feel guilt for lack of working out to counterbalance the yummy eats and drinks. I count this as a huge step for me, especially since I had barely gotten one workout in before the trip due to aforementioned sickies. Again…digressing.)

And best of all? Lots of time with some of my favorite people…this guy (he’s so cute):

My sis (and yes, I realize we look naked here…or at least I do, LOL):

Great friends (Jo and M, Scott and I, and fab friend Michele and her boyfriend Stephen):

And of course, couldn’t resist – one more shot with Scott.

All in all – this was the exact right trip at the exact right time. It was a blast. Loved spending it with my sis (and her bf, M!). Loved everything about it. Even if it meant coming back to another bout of sick. But I’m not gonna worry about it, mmk? Tomorrow’s a new day, afterall.

Ya, mon. 😉

I’m baaack!

Whew.  That was a rough week. But guess what? It’s over and…

…I’m baaack!!!

So happy to be “me” again I can’t even begin to tell you. I did “behave” and started off this morning with a fairly “light” workout (Core Fusion, how I’ve missed you!) at home, but damn did it feel good to get even just a little bit of a sweat on today. And not one brought on by a fever, aching body and chills!

Looking back on this week though, I had the grandest of plans to get in a killer workout week before heading off to Jamaica, but apparently a certain someone had another plan for me. God sure does work in mysterious ways, I must say – sure, I was down for the count much of this week, but look? I’m basically back to “me” with less than 24 hours to spare before our trip. I couldn’t ask for much more, really.

And honestly? Like some of you have noted in your comments to me, I clearly needed this rest. A deep rest, one that being sidelined by illness would get me. Even though I hate hate hate being sick, the rest was welcome. The multiple naps a day (even if restless naps due to discomfort) were welcomed with open arms. I never left my couch. And if I did, it was only to crawl into bed to sleep some more. I would never have allowed myself such rest if I were healthy so apparently, God had a plan for me, a forced rest week if you will. And even though the flu is legit the worst thing EVER to experience, I am grateful for what it taught me.

I feel me again. And a thankful me.

Thankful for my health returning.

Thankful for appreciating my body for what it can do – when healthy and sick.

And, not gonna lie…really thankful that I’ll be en route to Jamaica this time tomorrow morning! And I promise to return even more well-rested, after a few good runs on the beach and lots a couple of of cocktails, with lots of pictures, lots of stories, and hopefully a nice little tan, too. 🙂

See ya’ll on the flip side, friends! 🙂

A few things the flu has taught me

 Well, I’ve had lots of time on my hands since the flu knocked me on my ass. In between napping at least twice a day (yes, twice a day), struggling to stay warm, and watching lots of Food TV, I’ve learned a few things…(and yes, this image is exactly how I’ve felt since Saturday night, complete with the sun mocking me out the window)

1 – I am not good at being sick. But we’ve pretty much established that already, right?  But seriously, I am not good at slowing down. I sit here feeling guilty that I’ve not done a lick of work in two days and my husband has been waiting on me left and right. It’s just not my style. I like to be active. I like to be helpful. Hell, I truly like to wait on my husband (when he lets me!). Deep down, I”m a giver, what can I say?

2 – I *really* miss working out. Duh. Shocking, right? But here’s what I’ve learned – not that I miss working out (because that’s obvious), but that I miss the mind-body connection piece that a good sweat-fest gives me. It’s that “me” time I’m missing – where I’m one with my thoughts, I’m one with my body, I’m pushing myself to make changes. Sitting on the couch for days on end (and in complete misery while doing so)? It’s just not me. At all.

3 – I’m not used to not feeling hunger. Like legit – first time in eons that I haven’t had any cravings, any desire to eat anything. Tonight is the first night that the smell of dinner cooking is fairly appealing. That is just wrong in my book – I LOVE food. I love to celebrate its yummy goodness over a glass of wine with my husband on a Saturday night. I miss it. I miss the taste of food even more. Tastebuds, please come back soon!

4 – I have a ridiculously patient husband. You all know by now how much I adore my husband. But after being sick this week? I adore him that much more. He’s done whatever he can to make sure I’m comfortable, well-hydrated, well-medicated, well-rested and as worry-free that things around the house will get done, even if I’m not able to do them myself. In short, he’s been amazing and utterly patient with a wife that cannot stand to be sick and whines often about that very fact. I’d be very sick of me if I were him by now.

5 – I will never, ever, take for granted my good health again. Not that I did before, per se, but this flu has totally thrown me for a loop. I cannot remember the last time I was sidelined like this. It’s really caught me off guard. And it reminds me that I need to always remember to be thankful for good health – because it’s totally not something to take for granted. Ever. Good health and injury-free? Those are huge blessings! So next time I think about whining about getting a workout done? Remind me of this post (though, somehow I highly doubt I’ll be whining about working out anytime in the near future after this whole flu experience!).

Long story short – I miss being me.

So self? Please, pretty please, get better soon – I miss you so much!


So all that talk about not really being sick yesterday?

Well, I’m sick.  Like legit sick. Flu-like sick. Yuck.

I haven’t been sick in at least three years, maybe longer. So you can imagine how awful of a patient I’ve been so far. Whiny. Stubborn (still thinking I can do stuff around the house, trying to avoid taking meds, etc.). Downright annoyed that I’m sick.

Why? Well mostly because it’s a rarity for me to get sick but also because it makes me feel so helpless and as if my body has failed me.

Well, it’s quite the opposite actually – my body has stood strong and germ-free for THREE years. So the fact that I’m sick for the first time in such a long time is impressive and I should quit whining about it right?? <—I know my husband would love it if I did!

So I’m going to attempt to be a good patient today, sitting as still as possible (to avoid dizzy spells, oof) and maybe, just maybe, allowing myself a nap since last night certainly did not qualify as sleep. Lots of tossing and turning, night sweats, y’know, all the good stuff.

And I’m also going to sit here and give thanks – that I do have such a strong body that has kept me healthy and active and fit for so long.  I’m downright blessed. So many of you have battled illness (serious illness) and injuries over the years – a little flu is nothing in comparison, I mean really. I have no right to complain in the grand scheme of things.

Sure – I was *really* hoping for a killer workout week just before we head off to Jamaica on Saturday, but y’know what? I’m coming to peace with the fact that I may not get to work out for a couple of days this week and I have to be ok with that. I’m not going to look any less fit or strong on the beach if that “last chance workout week” turns into a “last chance workout (or two)” instead. Life happens, right? And let’s be honest – how much worse would it be if I were still sick come Saturday and Jamaica? Um, no thanks.

So anyway, I’m off to disconnect – I snuck this blog post in while Scott was in the other room – he’d call the fact that I’m blogging while sick a “bad patient” move so let’s keep this between you and me, ok?


I have just one question to ask:

Are you guys just as bad at being sick as I am?

Because for starters, I’m notsicknotsicknotsicknotsick.

But if I *were* sick, I’d hate it. It would feel like defeat to admit to being sick.  Soooo I’m just gonna pretend I’m not sick, mmk?

But in the meantime, I’ve been told I will not be running today as I had planned. Hmph *crosses arms*

And I’ve been warmed that I’ll be ducked taped to the couch if I don’t sit down and take it easy. Hmph. Don’t wanna. *stomps foot*

Notsick. Notsick. Notsick.

Editor’s Note: This blog post brought to you by the notsick editor-in-chief of EatDrinkBreatheSweat who promises to be back in workout action no later than tomorrow. Because tomorrow kicks off “last chance workout week” before Jamaica. So those germs that threaten to invade? They are no longer welcome after today. Shoo! Shoo!

I heart Lindsay

If you don’t already know who Lindsay is, then you’re totally missing out.

I had the chance to meet Lindsay today while I’ve been in Austin for work at SXSW and seriously, she is amazing.  SUCH a sweetheart and here’s why.

She’s as real “IRL” as she is on her blog.

She’s got a kind heart.

She’s a super fun running partner (my fears of being too slow or whatever, were immediately gone once we hit the trails).

Our conversation flowed without interruption. A sign of a lifetime friend if you ask me. 😉

Lindsay and her husband have their heads on straight, about life, about balance, about taking it all in and enjoying life for what it is: a very short life that’s meant to be lived to the fullest, pursuing passions and having lots of fun along the way.

In short, Lindsay is awesome, awesome, awesome and I can promise there will be future meet-ups, I mean really – and maybe next time we won’t forget to take a pic for our blogs! (total blog fail!)

And, as an aside, I’m now officially on the we-must-run-the-Healdsburg-Half bandwagon together this fall. <—c’mon Lindsay, let’s DO IT!! Jolene? Heather? In??

Wicked short post for today but I’m totally and utterly beat from this week in Austin and ready to crash, and crash  hard. I have a 2:30am wake-up call tomorrow “morning” (if you can even call that morning??) that I’m totally dreading. What I’m not dreading? Jumping into Scott’s arms when I land tomorrow in Boston. I’ve missed him so.

See ya’ll on the flip side, I’ll be back to regular blogging soon!!

Well, that happened…

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

I had a really, really bad run today. So bad that I barely made it 3 miles.

This after kicking my dreadmill hatred after discovering a love for intervals.

This after finally getting to run outside this winter and loving every chilly second of it.

This after letting go of the garmin and the numbers and just running to run.

This after just telling you how much a workout is mental vs. physical and I proved that the opposite can be true sometimes too, today is a perfect example of that.

Today, my body failed me, not my mind.

And as I ran along realizing that this was turning into one of those “bad run” days, I started to tick off all the reasons why this was a bad run from the start. Had I sat back and thought about this beforehand, I might not have attempted to run at all. But then, I never would have learned the “why’s” behind today’s poor run and I also wouldn’t have gotten the bad run “out of the way” so to speak. 😉

So without further ado, here’s why and how today’s run was doomed from the start:

  • Mentally, I felt great. I was with Scott, we were chatting along, everything felt great, no mind games, nada.
  • Soon, shin splints which I have not suffered for months settled in. Then, a side cramp. What?? A side cramp?! Haven’t had one of those in eons.
  • Then, my legs started to feel like lead. Hello, trying out the new Kick Spring ’11 release which was described from the start as “leg intense” yesterday was probably not my smartest move.
  • And then it hit me, my last rest day was almost a week ago. There have been lots of workouts in between: Ride, Core Fusion class, Kick class, Core Fusion Yoga Energy Flow, Ride and Kick (at home).
  • My body was (and is) just tired. And it screamed at me for it.

This is the most frustrating part for me. I WANTED to run, and run long and just clear my head before this week’s trip to Austin for SXSW. I wanted to enjoy the last day with Scott before saying good-bye to him for a few days (something I HATE to do) with that run. It’s a big-time bonding thing for us. Mentally, I was prepared for it. Physically, I was not. And I was too darn stubborn to see it.

But here’s the thing. The “old me” would be sitting here feeling guilty for having such a poor run and would be beating myself up for it. Especially considering it’s going to be a tricky workout week for me with travel thrown in the mix. Instead, I’m writing this post both as a reminder to myself that “life happens” and as a reminder to you to listen to your body, even when your brain is trying to convince you otherwise. And yes, sometimes your body does fail you.

And that’s ok – tomorrow is a new day.


Speaking of tomorrow, wish me luck as I head on out to Austin at the crack of dawn . A week that will be chaos-filled I’m sure, but will include lots of good “uncomfortable” experiences for me (this *is* why I took this job, right??), and will almost certainly include a potential 2-day rest week this week. Another thing that would’ve thrown me into a tailspin a few months ago, but something I’m taking in stride this time (as best as I can, anyway).

Of course, one of the main highlights of my week will be meeting Lindsay so make sure to come back to see a post from me on our meet-up. 🙂

The mental game

Working out is as much physical as it is mental.

I’d actually argue it’s even more mental than physical.

And here’s why, using myself as an example.

I run. I love it. But I didn’t always love it. In fact, I used to gasp for breath, telling my husband and running partner that “I can’t do this.” And it wasn’t because I couldn’t physically handle that run, it was because I mentally wasn’t prepared for the challenge. I didn’t know how to let go and just let my body take over, trusting it to carry me along. Today, I do. I trust in myself, not just physically, but that I’m mentally capable of crossing the finish line of another half marathon, or completing another group fitness certification, or finally learning to swim. I trust. Therefore, it will happen.

I’m a self-professed Core Fusion addict. As you all know, from my Core Fusion Challenge, I struggled the most with changing my mental attitude towards a workout that didn’t leave me breathless like a killer spin class, or drenched like a hot and sweaty summer run. But it was that mental shift that helped me to see and embrace the benefits that Core Fusion has offered me. It’s given me a stronger core, leaner legs and arms and increased flexibility. But mentally? It’s my source of “finding my center” in the midst of chaos – something that will certainly come in handy during SXSW this week in Austin – but it’s also my source of inner strength and quiet confidence. Something that I haven’t found through any other workout.

So what’s the theme in both of these examples? That it took me overcoming mental blocks for me to push myself physically, to challenge myself, mind and body. But it’s those mental blocks that are often the hardest to overcome – especially if you aren’t even sure what kind of workout you might even enjoy. I’m thinking of a beginner, someone who has struggled to get and stay fit. To commit. For them, it might not even be the physical challenge that’s the hardest, but it’s the mental piece that is key. A key that isn’t always so obvious or easy to find and unlock.

Am I making any sense here?

I guess what I’m saying is this: if you’re struggling to commit to living your best life yet, explore the mental side of that workout that scares you/intimidates you/that you’ve been avoiding for a million reasons.

Go for it.

Trust yourself.

Let your body carry you, leading the way.

Once you figure that out, you’ll be golden.

“You showed up on your mat, it’s all good!” and other randoms…

“You showed up on your mat, it’s all good!”

Very true words, spoken by Elisabeth Halfpapp during my return to Core Fusion Yoga Energy Flow DVD this morning.

I really, really enjoyed yoga today. It was just what my sore, very sore, muscles needed after a pretty killer workout week, if I do say so myself. And it was exactly what I needed to center myself before a really busy Friday ahead, as we are thisclose to SXSW kick-off and all.

And quite honestly, it’s really *all* I could  muster after yesterday’s early morning Core Fusion class at Exhale Spa Battery Wharf followed by Group Kick last night at my gym. Um, probably wasn’t the smartest decisions I’ve made, of late. Even though I LOVED both classes, combining the two classes in one day took a LOT out of me. That coupled with a “weird” eating day and I definitely didn’t feel as well-fueled as I probably should have been given that workout line-up.

Duh. And I KNOW better than to do that, yet it still happened. Call that my “confessions of a fitblogger” thought for this Friday.

In other random thoughts, I was tagged by the wicked awesome Alison over at Physically Philosophical. I’m sure you’ve all seen this “7 randoms” list swirling around the blogosphere, but I thought it rather fitting for a Friday post!

1 – In a throwback to childhood, I”m discovered a very tasty (and all-natural!) turkey bologna at Trader Joe’s. Yes, I’m eating bologna. BUT, it’s all-natural and literally made from turkey, just spiced to taste more like bologna from childhood. Sorry, no Oscar Meyer “mystery meat” for me. Seriously, been eating it for lunch this week on Ezekial bread. It’s amazing! I feel like I’m 5 all over again!

2 – I’m secretly (ok, now it’s not a secret) really nervous for Fitbloggin’ in May. I don’t know why, but I am. I think I have this insane fear that nobody will talk to me or will like me “IRL” or something. I know, so silly. Wow, this “7 randoms” is slowly turning into a “7 confessions” post. Sheesh!

3 – I was a cashier at a grocery store in our area throughout middle school/high school and part of college. And I secretly loved being a cashier – and a fast one at that (I even won a “cashier of the year” award!). I remember being a child and always thinking how cool it would be to run a cash register. I used to play “store” or “office” on our couches with my sisters growing up and everything!

4 – I love to clean. Like REALLY love to clean. One of my sisters even teased me once for saying I didn’t want to “rush” the cleaning job one day for fear of “phoning it in” and doing a poor job of it. So yes, I don’t like to “phone in” a cleaning routine OR a workout. Can you blame me?? Ok, maybe you can on the cleaning thing anyway…

5 – I’ve never broken a bone, or stayed in the hospital overnight, or really had any “serious” health conditions growing up. (yes, I am very lucky) The closest I ever came was having surgery to fix a lazy eye when I was in high school.  And now that I’ve said that, I’ve probably totally jinxed myself. Eeep.

6 – When I left my last job, I hardly had anything to physically take with me. Especially not any files. I hate printing stuff out, at least to store long-term. I NEVER look at it once I print stuff so why let it gather dust in a file cabinet? Speaking of which, I never understood file cabinets, btw.

7 – I love to read. Yet I rarely if EVER read anytime of the year aside from summer. Then, I plow through books like it’s nobody’s business. In Maine by the lake, at the beach, on the deck. Notice a theme here?? Has to be outside in the sun. No idea why, but that’s just how it is. Sun + relaxation = book reading for me. Which reminds me, must stock on lots of books for Jamiaca. Which, if you’re wondering is, t-minus 15 days from now! <—if you have book recommendations, send them my way!

Ok, your turn. I want to hear your random thoughts/ruminations/weird facts! I won’t tag: you, forcing you to post on my behalf. But, just know that it’s actually a really fun Friday activity. Just sayin’.

In the midst of the choas…

…sometimes all you need is to take a step back and appreciate the little things.

I’ve been in crazy busy mode at work getting ready for the SXSW show in Austin next week. Which definitely involves some level of stress, but has also been a ton of fun for me to help plan. Reason #345 why I love my new job! <and still trying to figure out when/how to fit in a visit to bloggy friend Lindsay while I’m there!>

So, as I went about my day today – working from home, yay Thursdays! – I mentioned to Scott that I was losing my mind, was so stressed, blah blah blah. He looked at me and simply said:

“But, at least you got to go to a Core Fusion class this AM and you get to go do to Kick tonight. AND you get to spend ‘time’ here with me while you work.”

Um, duh.

He’s so right. Why do we find ourselves falling into that trap? Over and over again??

We totally get in our own damn way when we let life’s chaotic moments interfere with logic. And the little things that are so easy to take for granted.

So, let this be a lesson to me…it’s those little joys that are so important to not lose sight of.

So, I’ll continue to sit here, plugging away at work, slowly feeling those DOMS inch into my glutes and back and core from that early morning Core Fusion class and I’ll enjoy every minute as that “feel good” pain settles in.  Should make for a very interesting Group Kick class tonight. Oof. 😉

Editors Note: I promise to write a “real” blog post tomorrow…it’s been quite a crazy last few days. Is it just me or are the days going by faster and faster or what??