Y’know that thing called “self worth?”

Been mulling this thought throughout the day today. And now that I’ve had time to sit down and put the words down on “paper” here, I’ve come to one conclusion:

Y’know that thing called “self worth?”

I think we could all use a bigger dose of it.

I firmly believe that this is a big reason why so many struggle to “allow” themselves to stick to a fitness routine. They don’t think they deserve it. They value doing “good” for others far above doing “good” for themselves. As if it’s selfish to carve out that all-important “me” time for a workout.

I have a news flash for you: it’s not selfish. I promise.

And granted, I personally struggle with not feeling selfish or self-centered for making fitness and a healthy lifestyle such a big priority in my life. But then, I go back to how fleeting life is. Why not live your best life possible? A longer life due to a balanced approach to health? That, in my book, is quite the opposite of selfish. It’s self-less. By extending your own life, you are bringing joy to your loved ones who would miss you if your life were cut short by disease brought on by a poor diet and minimal exercise.

I see it so much in some of my close friends and even in my own family. That struggle to embrace their own self-worth. Allowing themselves that “me” time. Not just for a healthy body, but a healthy mind, too. Endorphins work miracles in boosting mood. Something I know we could all use in our lives. Every. single. day.

So tonight, I urge you:

Value yourself.


Because you, your life, is worth fighting for.

Now g’wan, pay it forward will ya? Tell your friend who struggles to carve out that “me” time that they are worth it. Tell your sister. Tell your brother. Your mom. Your aunt. Your husband or wife.

You. Are. Worth. It.