Y’know that thing called “self worth?”

Been mulling this thought throughout the day today. And now that I’ve had time to sit down and put the words down on “paper” here, I’ve come to one conclusion:

Y’know that thing called “self worth?”

I think we could all use a bigger dose of it.

I firmly believe that this is a big reason why so many struggle to “allow” themselves to stick to a fitness routine. They don’t think they deserve it. They value doing “good” for others far above doing “good” for themselves. As if it’s selfish to carve out that all-important “me” time for a workout.

I have a news flash for you: it’s not selfish. I promise.

And granted, I personally struggle with not feeling selfish or self-centered for making fitness and a healthy lifestyle such a big priority in my life. But then, I go back to how fleeting life is. Why not live your best life possible? A longer life due to a balanced approach to health? That, in my book, is quite the opposite of selfish. It’s self-less. By extending your own life, you are bringing joy to your loved ones who would miss you if your life were cut short by disease brought on by a poor diet and minimal exercise.

I see it so much in some of my close friends and even in my own family. That struggle to embrace their own self-worth. Allowing themselves that “me” time. Not just for a healthy body, but a healthy mind, too. Endorphins work miracles in boosting mood. Something I know we could all use in our lives. Every. single. day.

So tonight, I urge you:

Value yourself.


Because you, your life, is worth fighting for.

Now g’wan, pay it forward will ya? Tell your friend who struggles to carve out that “me” time that they are worth it. Tell your sister. Tell your brother. Your mom. Your aunt. Your husband or wife.

You. Are. Worth. It.



16 thoughts on “Y’know that thing called “self worth?”

  1. Wow, I literally just wrote a post on this (draft) that focused a lot on doing stuff for yourself. The me moments. We really are on the same wavelength today! (shocker). I totally agree. It’s our lives to make and our bodies to create and shape. Take ownership of that and realize you are worth it!

    • Shocker. We’re on the same wavelength?? NO WAY. That *never* happens. Ever. 😉

      I love that phrase…”the me moments.” That in and of itself could be a blog series!

  2. Jess, I swear to you that while I haven’t had the chance to blog or comment on my favorite blogs (like this one!), I have been reading, and your posts have been speaking to me. SO Much. It’s like you’ve been posting your inspirational/motivational posts just for me…at just the right times.

    I’m going to go back and comment on each, but for now, this post was great. You know that part where you said to tell someone to carve out “me” time?

    You just did.

    You’ve seen my posts recently, and I’m sure you’re fully aware of what I’ve been going through (and I haven’t even touched on all points!). I’ve been trying pretty hard to take some time to really focus on at least getting myself focused and organized so that I can really spend the time on working out. I’m starting a whole new routine tomorrow, and I’m hoping it’ll work out…especially since I plan on reminding myself that the outcome and the feel good energy is something I deserve.

    • AHH!! YES! I am so so so so happy that this post spoke to you. I kinda hoped it would. 😉

      You SO deserve to take that “me” time – you work DAMN hard girl, you balance so much in your life, and you put UP with so much. You have more than earned your “me” time for YOU. That time that nobody has the right to steal from you. It’s yours.

      Rock on sista, I sense greatness in your future.

      And seriously, thank you – that was probably the most touching comment I’ve ever received. No life.

  3. I totally agree with you. I think it’s even worse for moms. I know my sister has struggled with thinking she’s a bad mom b/c she’s somehow neglecting her kids b/c she chooses to workout rather than sit with them. The thing is, I think you need to be healthy and happy first then you can be a happier person towards others (kids, hubby, friends, etc.).

    • Absolutely agree. Some of my friends are in that boat too – they think “how can I possibly do something for ME when there’s about ten million things I can/should do for my child?” But you’re right – to be happier and healthier makes you a better person, a better friend, a better mom.

  4. I never understood how someone could feel guilty for working out until my friend who has kids started training for her first race. Now I see how challenging it is but I applaud her and everyone else in similar situations for making it a priority because you are right – it is all about valuing yourself. And when you feel worthy, you feel happy and that transcends to everything else. Love this!

  5. I’m with Heather, too – I hear so many of my mom friends saying they can’t exercise because it takes time away from their kids, when actually, it’s important that they DO exercise so they are healthy for their kids! I think it’s time we all think about exercise as self-less, as you said. If we want to be around a long time and improve our quality of life, that’s exactly what it is!

  6. Great post, it’s so important to give yourself “me” time and look after yourself and treat yourself. It’s exactly how I plan to spend my day when I get home from lunch at work, going to treat myself to some magazines and lie back on the couch.

  7. A few months after I started working out, my mom joined me. For so many years she spent her days giving herself to others and getting too little in return. She always said she had no time to work out or prepare healthy food. I told her that she could come with me, do it for me if she couldn’t do it for herself. Finally, she started working out and realized that she IS worth it! She’s done an incredible job and will run her first half-marathon in May!

    • Wow, that is SUCH an inspired story, I love that! Your mom deserves to be healthy and fit like the rest of us, it’s awesome that she’s finally valuing her own self-worth enough to do something for HER and nobody else. Awesome! You should have her do a guest post on your blog when she conquers the half! Which half is it btw?

  8. It’s so true, I think we all harbour secret or subconscious concerns that we’re being selfish. I certainly get huffs and puffs about not going to the pub, or not being free at the weekend, because of workouts or races or whatever.. But doing something that makes you happy is not selfish — it’s taking yourself to be worth something. You’re right. Good reminder..

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