Core Fusion Guest Blog: The Mirror

As you know, we’re nearing the “end” of the official Core Fusion Challenge.

But what you also know is that this isn’t where the journey ends. It’s just the beginning for my sister and I. We are total Core Fusion Converts. Or addicts, really.

In reading my sister’s guest post (if you missed her first one, check it out here) – I totally couldn’t help myself so you’ll see some “color commentary” from me throughout. I hope she doesn’t mind. 😉

The Mirror.

Using the mirror in Core Fusion…who knew?!

While traveling this week, I have been doing Core Fusion in my hotel room. There is a table with a mirror in front of it that I opted to do last night’s Core Fusion workout in and WOW, did it make a difference (and side note: Core Fusion Thighs and Glutes…whoa Nelly! That was tough, but I loved it! Can’t believe I hadn’t tried that one yet).

Things I noticed?

I need to acutely focus on tucking in my core when doing standing glute work. I tend to pooch my lower core out, versus tucking it in constantly. I tend to start that way, and then eventually it starts to creep out of position. Holding it the entire time during each move made a huge difference!! <—this was HUGELY eye opening for me when I went to the Core Fusion classes at Exhale Spa (wish I stuck with it way back when I first discovered CF a couple years back!). It actually takes a lot more “thinking” to keep everything in it’s place, keeping proper form throughout each series of moves, your brain kinda hurts at the end, ha.

Watching myself doing leg lifts or squats or whatever the move may be is motivating in itself. Because I am starting to see more definition. And my legs are starting to creep higher and straighter. Small changes but with each tweak, I feel better, taller, leaner. <—walking tall(er)! LOVE IT!!

It’s far too easy to fall out of position when you aren’t watching yourself and are watching the DVD. I fell into this when training for Group Kick as well…just going through the motions more than feeling each one, putting energy, strength and intent behind each move. Watching myself really helped tighten that up (no pun intended) <—that’s one thing I truly love about Core Fusion vs. any other workout you can do at home or at the gym – by its very nature, your mind is much more engaged in the workout, which means your body is much more engaged in the movement. It’s far harder (at least for me) to “zone out” during Core Fusion because every move has meaning. Every hold, every pose, has a purpose. An intent. It’s that mind-body connection thang, really and truly.

I can’t wait for my two-week Rue La La membership to Exhale Spa to go to some classes! I know it will help improve my form, and boost progress and tone. I won’t lie, I am intimidated, because even though I know I have improved, I am still a beginner in every sense of the word! But I never shy away from a challenge, now do I? (or we!) <—helllllll yeah! I seriously am so psyched for the two weeks worth of classes! You bet your ass we’ll be taking FULL advantage of as many CF classes as we can, too. Game on.

Bring it!

11 thoughts on “Core Fusion Guest Blog: The Mirror

  1. I am a huge advocate of using the mirror. It totally comes from my dance background. I know women have a love/hate (probably mostly hate) relationship with the mirror. But for workouts, sooooo important. It really helps you focus on form and the moves. It’s why I stopped doing weights to DVDs, I was too focused on the DVD and not myself. It’s not at all vain to use that mirror! Plus, when you see a ripple (muscle of course) you kind of have to be proud!

  2. Really good thinking to use a mirror when working out. I never thought about it before but it makes complete sense, I’ll then be able to see if my form is good or not. It’s great that the Core Fusion dvds are completely portable and can be used pretty much anywhere.

  3. Me too with the lower abs! I notice that every time I stand sideways on in the gym. Why can’t I get in the habit, dammit! I totally agree on the leg definition too, that can be really motivating when you’re working out in a mirror 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to read about Core Fusion live versus Core Fusion DVDs. I love the DVDs, but I know I would gain so much from being able to attend some live classes with one on one instruction.

    • I’m really excited to go to some classes! It’s been a few years since I’ve gone and now that I’ve put so much time into CF this month at home, hopefully I’ll do a bang up job in class 😉

  5. I have the hardest time keeping proper form when working my core. I don’t have CF, but whenever I take Pilates at the gym, I position myself right near the mirror because it definitely keeps me on track.

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