…I’m stir crazy. I’ve decided I was not meant to live in the Northeast. I feel like the walls are closing in around me -being inside ALL THE TIME is just not natural. We should be like cavemen, scavenging for food (ok, maybe that one’s a stretch, I’m no good at scavenging), spending our days wandering the great outdoors, surrounded by fresh air.

…I’m dying for summer. I swear to you all right here and now. I will NOT take the spring and summer months for granted. Ever again. The sheer thought of going for a run in the early morning or late after work and it STILL being bright light out (and warm) seems like such a dream to me right now. Yet – in the spring and summer, it’s a given. And thus, easily taken for granted. No more. I hate this antsin-the-pants-I’m-a-spaz-can’t-concentrate-hate-this-cold-weather-just-want-to-run-outside feeling I got going on. Shoo, winter, shoo!

…I *think* I’m ready to give greek yogurt a try again. After my yogurt-ed-out experience a couple of months back, I thought I’d never get my yogurt grove back. But then, I saw on some of your blogs that Chobani had some new flavors out (lemon! black cherry!) and I just have to try them. I was all about Fage before but maybe a change in brand AND this hiatus from greek yogurt will do the trick. Yogurt – I’d like to be friends again. Truce?

…I need to figure out some race plans for spring. It’s time. Enough futzing around talking about how much I miss running outdoors and doing lots of intervals to speed up my pace (which was an awesome workout last night, btw), but it’s time to find some races to work towards. I’m craving it, to be honest. I’ll get back to you guys when I figure this one out. It will include at least one half marathon. That is for sure. Maybe the Wicked Half again, maybe a different race altogether. Maybe even more than one. Hmm.

…everything seriously happens for a reason. Remember how I decided against going to the Cathe Road Trip this year in favor of a “workout-n-wine” weekend with Heather and my sister? Well, everything *does* happen for a reason becauuuuuse I *still* get to see Cathe Friedrich this spring anyway! She’s going to be at Fitbloggin this year, taking us through a workout “challenge” on Friday and will be there for the entire conference! Seriously, I geeked out BIG time on twitter when I saw that. I mean how cool is that? Now I’m even more excited for Fitbloggin to finally get here! Tina – did you see that update, my fellow Cathlete and Fitbloggin friend??

…Happy bloggy birthday to fantastic blog friend Lindsay who I seriously cannot wait to meet while I’m in Austin for a trade show in a coupla weeks. SERIOUSLY excited about this. Weee!

…and ps. I’m reallllly looking forward to getting to Exhale Spa at Battery Wharf next week for some live Core Fusion classes.<stay tuned for my planned “schedule” for next week’s CF fun btw> I just wish I got to go THIS week when Fred DeVito was going to be there teaching at the new location! I tweeted to him that he should come back next week. Think he’ll take me up on that offer?

Off to Group Kick, hope you enjoyed my random musings. I kinda did 🙂

16 thoughts on “Random

  1. What??? You get to meet Lindsay? I’m so jealous (pouting like a child of course). I saw that about Cathe, again humph….jealous. But seriously, so happy for you!! Everything falls into place sometimes doesn’t it???? Maybe you can convince Lindsay to make the trek to the lake house this summer when we head that way. How freaking fun would that be?!

    And I hear you on not taking spring, summer, even fall for granted. Now that I’ve found a love for running (outdoors), I won’t take those months for granted after this winter either.

  2. Feel free to come along when I bust out of this place and move to Cali! Haha! Just kidding. But seriously…26 degrees today. It’s March. I’ve had it.

    And pick a race! I will run with you or cheer for you! I will be there!

    • Don’t think Cali hasn’t crossed my mind about fifty million times!!

      I promise to pick a race or two – I love that you’d come watch or even join me! You are the best!

  3. That’s cool you’ll get to meet Cathe at Fitbloggin. Yep roll on the summer or more roll on the brighter mornings, I don’t mind the cold but I struggle with it being dark in the mornings. I used to love the Fage Greek Yoghurt when they had it here, they don’t stock it anymore so I’m back to regular organic yoghurt.

    Enjoy the Core Fusion classes next week, the Core Fusion challenge really has been a success for you.

    • I know! Totally cool that I still get to see her even though I won’t be Road Trippin’ it this year!
      I seriously cannot wait for the time change so it’s lighter out, I feel like a bat half the time!

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  5. I am SO jealous you get to see Cathe anyway! NO FAIIIIIIR <–whining 😉 I am with you antsy…totally antsy. BUT at least I get a little taste of it when I go to California. but that almost makes it harder!

  6. I am also SO ready for winter to be over. And I don’t live in the freezing freezing Northeast!

    Excellent news about Fitbloggin too. It’s great to remember that rolling with life doesn’t just mean going with the punches, but also the good stuff too 🙂

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