Core Fusion, live with Fred DeVito

Life changing.

That is the only way I can possibly describe tonight’s Core Fusion class at the newly opened Exhale Spa at Battery Wharf in Boston.

Now, my sis and I took our first live class together yesterday at the same location…it had been at least a year or two since we last attempted a live class. Well before we initiated our Core Fusion Challenge a month or so ago, even.

And lemme tell you, that was an experience in and of itself yesterday.

But when Dori alerted us (love you, girl!) that Fred DeVito – THE Fred DeVito – was coming back to the Battery Wharf location tonight to teach one class, we HAD to be there. Just had to. I left work a full 90 mins early just to get there (and good thing I did, directionally challenged, much??).

And it was completely and utterly life-changing.

I honestly don’t even know how to capture our experience tonight in this post. Words seriously won’t do it justice. But I’ll try.

Fred DeVito, in a word? Has such an amazing presence about him. He’s calm, he’s extremely centered and ridiculously inviting and encouraging. (jobo commentary: hey, you stole my line, that’s exactly what I thought! He was radiant, calm, balanced. And happy. All sorts of happy!)

He immediately asked where his “twitter friends” were – um, that would be us! He welcomed us in with a warm smile and a handshake. And from there, we were off. He instructed us not to listen to his instruction but to just do what he said, without thinking. And you know what? That is EXACTLY how the class went.

I didn’t think. I just moved.

And it was unreal just how motivating it was, and incredibly detoxfying. I even tried some moves I was only modifying before and I was stunned to see that I didn’t do a half bad job at the “real” version of flat back, for example. Just his encouragement was all I needed – he came by during that very move and said “tomorrow – you’ll get there” and just smiled. And I beamed with pride. (jobo commentary: this is where he held my legs up higher and really pushed me, and to my surprise, my legs *did* go higher and I was able to hold it. It felt incredible).

He believes in his students. I mean, TRULY believes. And here I am gushing away, but that’s exactly the reaction he brings out in his students. He instills courage and pride and strength and focus. (jobo commentary: he came over to me as I was doing the curl, lifted my back up and slid his kneees under my back and whispered, ‘lean back. Now hold your arms out wider, lengthen your legs and just hold it.’ And having that guidance was exactly what I needed. And damn, did I feel it, like whoa!)

He wills you to push harder. And you do. No thinking. Just doing.

I’m sitting here in utter awe at how changed I was by tonight’s experience. I am completely and totally re-commited to Core Fusion like never before. Seriously. I want to see even more change, deeper change, by going to the class as much as I can. Fred urged us to commit for three weeks – three classes a week and “then you’ll be hooked.” And I’m right there. (jobo commentary: um, me too. Can I just, like, move in there and go every single day?!)

Thank you Fred DeVito. We are changed. And inspired. And ready to surrender to Core Fusion all over again. 

36 thoughts on “Core Fusion, live with Fred DeVito

  1. Jess, you are a gorgeous writer. You said all the things about Fred that I always thought but couldn’t put into words. When I told you yesterday to take this class, I wanted to use the words “life changing” but I didn’t want you to think I was a crazy exaggerator! I am SO happy you got as much out of Fred’s class as I do.

    The way he lifted Jobo’s legs and she was able to hold them — he only lifted them because he KNEW she’d be able to hold them. He has this uncanny ability to look at a student and know her capabilities. He is truly a phenomenal teacher and has an incredible gift.

    You really don’t think in his class. You just work. You just be in the moment.

    Thrilled you got to experience this!

    • Aw shucks, gorgeous writer, really? Well then, you, my dear, are a gorgeous blog commenter! Thank you for being SO incredibly inspiring and encouraging during my own journey. You’ve been such a source of encouragement, and I hope you know that.

      Everything you said about Fred was so, so, so true, and I’m SO glad I could capture him here for you pretty accurately, too! 🙂

      And you know what? You are so right – he only did lift Jo’s legs higher because he knew she had it in her. She was capable. She just had to be shown the way. He is amazing, and totally gifted.

  2. Ahh, your comment gave me chills, Dori!! HE DID know I could do it, you are so right. Such a gift he has. I can’t believe how changed I feel too! It does sound exagerating doesn’t it?! But it is SO TRUE!! Never thought I’d say it! Or believe it!!

  3. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I took class live, with Fred, for the first time a few weeks ago (after a couple of months of classes) and I couldn’t find any words to describe how I felt while I was in class or the way I felt afterwards. But it is life changing, really and truly. SO inspirational. And reading this tonight has me inspired all over again. I just got home from exhale an hour ago and I can’t WAIT to go back tomorrow.

    I totally get what you said about trying moves you had been modifying before. I ALWAYS did my push-ups on my knees and for the first time in Fred’s class I decided to do them on my toes (because, hel-lo! It’s Fred!) and I have been able to do them that way ever sense. He just inspires you to push yourself in ways you didn’t think possible.

    I followed Dori over here via Twitter and I am excited to read more about your Core Fusion experience!

    • Welcome!! Isn’t Dori fab? She is my Core Fusion idol 🙂

      I LOVE that you know exactly what I mean about taking Fred’s class. Truly so hard to describe unless you’ve been there. Really, REALLY is. Even this post doesn’t do it justice (in my mind, at least). I’m still thinking about last night’s class and wishing I could take another class from Fred right now! (even though I legit couldn’t even do another class today, I am SO SORE! Ha!).

  4. I agree with all about comments, Jess you are a fabulous writer. Wow a class with Fred, amazing or what. Glad you got some individual attention from him as well. What a great night.

    • Thank you Susan! All I can say is brace yourself for the live class we’ll take when you visit Boston this spring. It is quite an experience – even when Fred isn’t teaching 😉

  5. It’s amazing what just a little bit of support from the right source can do in helping move you forward. And it’s so great to see how excited this makes you. Did he really single you out as his Twitter friends? That’s awesome! You’re like his roadies or something!

    • Exactly – it’s like just a little nod or a nudge and I was right there, ready to push myself when I had always just assumed that I “couldn’t” do that move properly. It was almost like I was like “why bother, I’ll just embarrass myself?” when in reality, I didn’t do nearly as bad as I thought!

      I’d happily be a roadie, LOL!

  6. You have an infectious enthusiasm that just radiates from this post. Your experience sounds so powerful and filled with passion. To think this started as a workout challenge? Core Fusion is now such a huge part of your life. Congrats!

    • Seriously, totally floored by such wonderful comments! I really just wrote from the heart and voila, there you have it. I guess when writing from the heart, good things tend to come out, huh?

      You’re so right…this *did* start as just another workout challenge for me but is now so, so, SO much more to me than that. It’s been a completely centering and humbling experience, through and through.

  7. This blog is so eloquent and well written. My recap of the class definitely pales in comparison 😉 I agree with everything that was written, and it was so nice to meet both of you at class!!

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    • Thank you!! It seriously was awesome – and even saying it was “awesome” doesn’t really do it justice. I keep saying that, but it is so very true. At least it was for me.

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  10. Fabulous post! I so want to take a live CF class. Fred and Lis are so inspirational in the DVDs, but in person with individualized instruction . . . your post says it all. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

  11. I love when a workout turns out to be an uplifting, life-changing experience! Isn’t that what we all yearn for?!? What a fantastic experience, this guy sounds like a rock star!

  12. Awww, Jess!! This post is so great!!! This is the almost same way I felt about my very first yoga class. I loved it, and the calming energy I had afterward was, as you mentioned, detoxifying.

    Granted, of course, I didn’t have a super well-known teacher. Hehe.

    There’s something about having the pro there with you…because even if he/she flies by to help you out or explain how you’re doing something incorrectly…it doesn’t feel like a “correction”. It feels like support. It feels like he/she’s actually PAYING ATTENTION. 🙂

    So glad you’re loving your CF all over again…and you’re so lucky to have such a great person (sister nonetheless!) by your side. There’s nothing like feeling a mutual “gush” post workout!

    • I’m glad you loved it! I sorta just poured myself out there on that one – Fred totally inspired me. So much. I wish he’d come back to Boston more often so I could be inspired again and again by him!!

      Haha I love it – totally got to share a ‘mutual gush’ with my sis afterwards!

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