Of running and race schedules…

For those of you that live in New England like me, you’ve probably been diggin’ the downright balmy temps this weekend. I was in my own personal heaven this weekend at the sheer thought of running outside on both Saturday *and* Sunday…and without freezing my butt off in the process.

Now, neither run was all that long (around 4 miles or so) but that didn’t matter to me. I didn’t care what my garmin said. I didn’t care how long it took me to get there.

I simply embraced the run. And it felt awesome.

Just letting my legs carry me along, realizing that those intervals this winter have totally helped and yup, and a stronger core (thank you Core Fusion!) that pushed me through?

Yeah, that’s pretty much why I run.

It’s mine. It makes me happy. It gives me confidence. It clears my mind. It centers me.

So – timing is good then, to have figured out my tentative race plans for this spring/summer/fall, right? Now – this is hopefully just the start of my race “schedule” for this year. I hope, anyway! The way I structured the plan is to start slowly and build up towards the higher mileage races. But we’ll see how it goes – like I said, I’m hoping to add to this schedule as we go along. <—what can I say? I’m eager!

Without further ado…the race schedule, 2011:

April 2: Hit The Street for Little Feet 5k Road Race in Manchester-by-the sea (this one is great, takes you right by the ocean, love!)

May 13: Backshore Road Race 5-miler (another one that takes you by the ocean, this one is in my hometown and takes us right past where we were married almost 7 years ago, love x2!)

May 19: Fitbloggin’ 5k, at Fitbloggin in Baltimore, surrounded by fellow #fitblog friends like you!

June 19: Rockport Fathers Day 5 and 10k (I’ll do the 10k – this will be my FIRST 10k race, actually. I went right from running 5ks and 5-milers to running half marathons…apparently that’s how I roll…)

September 24: The Wicked Half...I wasn’t sure I’d choose this half to conquer again, but it holds such a special place in my heart since it was my first half, that I really do want to go back and tackle it again.

But…there’s *another* half I’d love to do in the fall, but it sorta depends on if I can get myself there. We’re planning a return to wine country (hopefully) this fall but still need to figure out the timing. If we do, I’d love, love, LOVE to run the Healdsburg Half on October 29 –I mean really, WHAT could be better? Running a half, in my mecca (I swear, I should’ve been a Cali girl!), surrounded by the vines? Um yeah, sounds awesome. We shall see. ;-)

November 24: Wild Turkey Run 5-miler (this would be our fourth time running this race on Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite way to kick off the holiday…and it would be awesome to set a new PR like I did last year!)

So, that’s it. The race schedule…so far. I hope you dig it.  🙂

And speaking of running…a MAJOR congrats to my girl Heather for not just running her first half, but KILLING her first half with sub-two hour race day finish. I am SO proud of you girlfriend!! xoxo

23 thoughts on “Of running and race schedules…

    • It was sooo nice to be out there in the fresh (warm-ish) air. For real!!

      As for you – um, you *just* ran a half, go ahead and take a break from thinking about races for awhile, huh? 😉 hope you are enjoying your rest day today!

  1. I love this schedule…though the 10K freaks me out a little. But if I can get myself back into fighting running shape, then I am all for it too. It will feel great to run outside again in some semblance of warmth. We need a run date soon sis…

  2. Looks like a lively schedule, and a pretty open summer to have some fun as well! I also have issues with trying new races I really want to compete in, while also wanting to go back and complete races (or do better) in races that I have completed before. That is what is currently going on with my race season right now. Glad to see that core fusion is helping you in other aspects of your running and working out. Hope you had a good weekend!

    • Totally! I actually like to keep the dead of summer open for extra training runs and because when its SUPER SUPER hot, who wants to be out racing, right?? And you’re right, training to race the same race (in some cases) is great – it gives you a revised goal vs. a new goal (kinda) and takes some of the “unknown” pressure off, know what I mean?

  3. Those races that you’ve planned look good. I don’t really know too much about races or anything, my knees aren’t the best for running but we do have a mini marathon 10km that is really popular here. It’s only for women and if men join they have to dress up as women, kinda funny.

  4. Ahhh how amazing was it? I totally embraced the weather as well. On Sunday I went on a nice, steady 8 mile run on the Charles River and it felt amazing! It didn’t even feel like work; THAT’s how much I was enjoying it.

    Nothing beats outdoor running, huh?

    • There is NOTHING better than that first spring-ish run in Boston, is there? Totally agree – when it’s not work? That is the BEST kinda running if you ask me!

  5. I had the biggest grin on my face as I read this! Sounds like you’ve caught the race bug! I’m so excited for you! Maybe we should plan to run one of these races together…

  6. It was so nice to be outside this weekend! I felt the same way you did. No worries about the Garmin, just soaking in the run. It was exactly what we’ve been waiting for around here.

    Yesterday’s race ran along parts of the Wicked Half course. I really liked it! And now you have me wanting to run a 10K. It’s one race distance I’ve never run and it seems like it would be lots of fun.

    Happy running!

    • Isn’t that course good? What part did you run by – was it near the Marblehead area? That part is SO pretty!

      You haven’t run a 10k before either? So funny! We should pick one to do together!

  7. Wicked running post Jess. You see — this is why my life is better with you in it!

    Seriously, running for the love of it, and throwing the finger to the Garmin? I need me some more of that. It’s beautiful weather here today, and I’m excited to just get out in it, on my own two feet. The Garmin will be staying firmly at the bottom of the sock drawer!

    Great race schedule too. I would LOVE to do a wine tour in Cali, and combining it with a half through all those vineyards (and the promise of a nice cold sav blanc at the end!) — I really hope you guys make it!

    • Love your use of the term “wicked” – that is so new england of you! I love the concept of throwing a finger to the garmin, and that its now buried at the bottom of your sock drawer. Rock on, sista!!

  8. i LOVE that you’ve got your race scheduled figured out already. it’s inspiring me to do the same! i’m getting antsy for the warm weather and not having to run in so many layers of clothing!

    • Seriously – SO nice not to have five jillion layers on to run. Or to have to brace yourself the second you walk out the door, knowing you’re about to freeze your ass!

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