In the midst of the choas…

…sometimes all you need is to take a step back and appreciate the little things.

I’ve been in crazy busy mode at work getting ready for the SXSW show in Austin next week. Which definitely involves some level of stress, but has also been a ton of fun for me to help plan. Reason #345 why I love my new job! <and still trying to figure out when/how to fit in a visit to bloggy friend Lindsay while I’m there!>

So, as I went about my day today – working from home, yay Thursdays! – I mentioned to Scott that I was losing my mind, was so stressed, blah blah blah. He looked at me and simply said:

“But, at least you got to go to a Core Fusion class this AM and you get to go do to Kick tonight. AND you get to spend ‘time’ here with me while you work.”

Um, duh.

He’s so right. Why do we find ourselves falling into that trap? Over and over again??

We totally get in our own damn way when we let life’s chaotic moments interfere with logic. And the little things that are so easy to take for granted.

So, let this be a lesson to me…it’s those little joys that are so important to not lose sight of.

So, I’ll continue to sit here, plugging away at work, slowly feeling those DOMS inch into my glutes and back and core from that early morning Core Fusion class and I’ll enjoy every minute as that “feel good” pain settles in.Β  Should make for a very interesting Group Kick class tonight. Oof. πŸ˜‰

Editors Note: I promise to write a “real” blog post tomorrow…it’s been quite a crazy last few days. Is it just me or are the days going by faster and faster or what??

19 thoughts on “In the midst of the choas…

  1. It’s important to surround ourselves with positive, motivational people. They keep us grounded in those crazy moments. Your husband sounds like a great support. Embrace the quiet moments and enjoy the excitement at work!

  2. Oof is right. Damn, that double today was um, almost too much, but so good!! Glad you realized all the good amid all the chaos today sis!! Makes a huge difference!

  3. ah, so true!! Are men always know how to say the right thing. they must be related! Don’t worry about me. even if I see you for 5 seconds I’d be happy.

  4. Too true, it’s the small things in life that really are important aren’t they. Glad you get to spend good times with Scott. Have a fun weekend.

  5. i’m glad you are working from home and not having a crazy commute every day! like you said, i think we all get caught up in life’s chaos so this was a good reminder to stop and appreciate the little things that make our day!

    • Seriously. We need to find a solution to this problem – how can we stop missing the little things all the time in life? There must be SOMETHING we’re doing wrong if we’re all in the same boat on this one, huh?

  6. I feel like I always have to take a step back from time to time and really look at my situation. My feelings get involved and I can forget how good I have it, or that I am doing some of the things I love every day. Didn’t know you had a new job, congratulations! And if you are going to a SXSW conference then it must be pretty cool! Have a great weekend!

    • It’s so funny, anytime you take a step back, you ALWAYS see something you didn’t see the first, second, or third time you assess a situation. So easy to forget how good life is in general – sure we all have ups and downs, but for the most part, life is damn good!

      And yes, new job as of Jan 3, loving it!!

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