“You showed up on your mat, it’s all good!” and other randoms…

“You showed up on your mat, it’s all good!”

Very true words, spoken by Elisabeth Halfpapp during my return to Core Fusion Yoga Energy Flow DVD this morning.

I really, really enjoyed yoga today. It was just what my sore, very sore, muscles needed after a pretty killer workout week, if I do say so myself. And it was exactly what I needed to center myself before a really busy Friday ahead, as we are thisclose to SXSW kick-off and all.

And quite honestly, it’s really *all* I could  muster after yesterday’s early morning Core Fusion class at Exhale Spa Battery Wharf followed by Group Kick last night at my gym. Um, probably wasn’t the smartest decisions I’ve made, of late. Even though I LOVED both classes, combining the two classes in one day took a LOT out of me. That coupled with a “weird” eating day and I definitely didn’t feel as well-fueled as I probably should have been given that workout line-up.

Duh. And I KNOW better than to do that, yet it still happened. Call that my “confessions of a fitblogger” thought for this Friday.

In other random thoughts, I was tagged by the wicked awesome Alison over at Physically Philosophical. I’m sure you’ve all seen this “7 randoms” list swirling around the blogosphere, but I thought it rather fitting for a Friday post!

1 – In a throwback to childhood, I”m discovered a very tasty (and all-natural!) turkey bologna at Trader Joe’s. Yes, I’m eating bologna. BUT, it’s all-natural and literally made from turkey, just spiced to taste more like bologna from childhood. Sorry, no Oscar Meyer “mystery meat” for me. Seriously, been eating it for lunch this week on Ezekial bread. It’s amazing! I feel like I’m 5 all over again!

2 – I’m secretly (ok, now it’s not a secret) really nervous for Fitbloggin’ in May. I don’t know why, but I am. I think I have this insane fear that nobody will talk to me or will like me “IRL” or something. I know, so silly. Wow, this “7 randoms” is slowly turning into a “7 confessions” post. Sheesh!

3 – I was a cashier at a grocery store in our area throughout middle school/high school and part of college. And I secretly loved being a cashier – and a fast one at that (I even won a “cashier of the year” award!). I remember being a child and always thinking how cool it would be to run a cash register. I used to play “store” or “office” on our couches with my sisters growing up and everything!

4 – I love to clean. Like REALLY love to clean. One of my sisters even teased me once for saying I didn’t want to “rush” the cleaning job one day for fear of “phoning it in” and doing a poor job of it. So yes, I don’t like to “phone in” a cleaning routine OR a workout. Can you blame me?? Ok, maybe you can on the cleaning thing anyway…

5 – I’ve never broken a bone, or stayed in the hospital overnight, or really had any “serious” health conditions growing up. (yes, I am very lucky) The closest I ever came was having surgery to fix a lazy eye when I was in high school.  And now that I’ve said that, I’ve probably totally jinxed myself. Eeep.

6 – When I left my last job, I hardly had anything to physically take with me. Especially not any files. I hate printing stuff out, at least to store long-term. I NEVER look at it once I print stuff so why let it gather dust in a file cabinet? Speaking of which, I never understood file cabinets, btw.

7 – I love to read. Yet I rarely if EVER read anytime of the year aside from summer. Then, I plow through books like it’s nobody’s business. In Maine by the lake, at the beach, on the deck. Notice a theme here?? Has to be outside in the sun. No idea why, but that’s just how it is. Sun + relaxation = book reading for me. Which reminds me, must stock on lots of books for Jamiaca. Which, if you’re wondering is, t-minus 15 days from now! <—if you have book recommendations, send them my way!

Ok, your turn. I want to hear your random thoughts/ruminations/weird facts! I won’t tag: you, forcing you to post on my behalf. But, just know that it’s actually a really fun Friday activity. Just sayin’.

20 thoughts on ““You showed up on your mat, it’s all good!” and other randoms…

  1. Love this post sis! And um, I told you about that turkey bologna, what’ no credit? ;-P Well, you already know my randomness of late…liiike my abhorrence for throwing away dryer lint! 😉

  2. Haha, cashier of the year! 😀

    And thanks for the wicked awesome. Totally noted 😉

    I’ve also never broken a bone, or staying in hospital for anything (other than as a baby). I think I’d also be really nervous for a blogger meet — that shit sounds scary. But you strike me as one of those people who is exactly the same online as in real life. Only that could explain all your CAPITAL letters n made up words 😉

    Have a good weekend!

    ps — hurray for yoga Friday!

    • I knew you’d appreciate the “wicked awesome” comment. 😉

      Hahah, I love that you think I’d be the same in real life as in my blog. Because I totally am!! I’m a total dork but hell, that’s half the fun (at least for me). hehe. happy weekend, friend!

  3. LOVE that CF Yoga DVD. And I love when Lis says that. Amazing line! Um you are insane for doing those two classes on the same day. But strong! Can you come clean my apartment? You would die if you saw how I lived. Read Room if you haven’t yet. And One Day. And A Thousand White Women. And The Divide.

    • It’s the only yoga workout I’ve tried that I loved, and that’s saying something!!

      And yes, I realized after Kick that I was kind of insane for doing both in one day. Oof!

      I would totally clean your apartment, I swear – I should’ve started a cleaning service, I seriously love to clean, which makes me weird, I realize.

  4. I like bologna, ain’t no shame in that!

    Confession-I always have wanted to work at a grocery store. Maybe because I always worked in restaurants and that’s all I knew but working in a grocery sounds cool for some reason 🙂

    • Oh good, I’m not alone then! Have you ever tried the TJ’s turkey bologna? Awesome stuff!!

      LOL what a riot – working at a grocery store was pretty fun for the most part. Plus I met my husband there so it kinda worked out well 😉

  5. Great post. Random things about me, I always have my toenails painted even if it’s in the middle of winter and no one is seeing them. I love to clean too but hate having a waste bin in the bedroom. I love to walk everywhere and only really use the car to drive to work. I sometimes get lazy and especially if it’s late in the evening or early in the morning and I need to go to the shops, I just fire on a long coat over my pjs and put a tracksuit bottom over my pjs and run to the shops! It’s funny but there are a lot of people here in Dublin who wear their pjs out and about during the day. I’ll see if I can find you a link.

    Have you read any of Dorothy Koomson’s books? I think you might like the Ice cream girls, it’s soo exciting and her new book The Man I loved before is good too, kind of like a thriller ish. For a trashy beach read, loved Jessica Ruston’s Daughter of Fortune and you can’t beat a Jackie Collins for pure trash, I think her new book is out soon. Have a fun weekend!

    • Oh I am SO the same about my toes – I’m in DIRE need of a pedi though, which I will be partaking in as soon as I’m back from SXSW next weekend! My toes are seriously embarrassing!!

      Awesome book recommendations!! I’ll definitely check them out!

  6. i would love to hear that as soon as i popped in a yoga dvd! it would make me feel good no matter how the workout went! 🙂

    i liked your random facts. i haven’t had any major medical things either *knock on wood*. i hope not to!

  7. I’ll be at Fitbloggin and feel the same way no matter how many times I hang out with other people from the blogosphere.

    Plus we can talk to each other if no one else talks to us! =)Although, bloggers can be just as chatty irl as they are on their blogs so I don’t think we have any worries. =)

    • Ohh I forgot you were going to be at Fitbloggin too! So excited to meet you!
      You’re right, once we’re all there and settled, we’ll be chatting eachother’s ear off since it’ll be such a novelty vs. just communicating in writing, over twitter, etc.

  8. I was so excited reading this post because:

    1. I have been wanting to try Ezekial bread.
    2. I can’t wait to hear about your Fitblogging experience.
    3. I LOVE CASH REGISTERS TOO! I always played “store” when I was a kid, and 10 years ago I even worked a second job at Crate & Barrel and would only work the cash registers!
    4. I am a clean-a-holic too. Past roommates used to call me the “Cleaning Fairy.”
    5. I’ve never broken a bone or been admitted to the hospital either. I hope I didn’t just jinx myself by writing that.
    6. My work computer’s aren’t even connected to the printers.
    7. I love to read but have at least 10 books sitting on my night stand waiting to be read…how do people find the time? BTW – dean karnazes’ new book called Run 26.2 is a great, quick read. I read it while flying to AZ last weekend.

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