I heart Lindsay

If you don’t already know who Lindsay is, then you’re totally missing out.

I had the chance to meet Lindsay today while I’ve been in Austin for work at SXSW and seriously, she is amazing.Β  SUCH a sweetheart and here’s why.

She’s as real “IRL” as she is on her blog.

She’s got a kind heart.

She’s a super fun running partner (my fears of being too slow or whatever, were immediately gone once we hit the trails).

Our conversation flowed without interruption. A sign of a lifetime friend if you ask me. πŸ˜‰

Lindsay and her husband have their heads on straight, about life, about balance, about taking it all in and enjoying life for what it is: a very short life that’s meant to be lived to the fullest, pursuing passions and having lots of fun along the way.

In short, Lindsay is awesome, awesome, awesome and I can promise there will be future meet-ups, I mean really – and maybe next time we won’t forget to take a pic for our blogs! (total blog fail!)

And, as an aside, I’m now officially on the we-must-run-the-Healdsburg-Half bandwagon together this fall. <—c’mon Lindsay, let’s DO IT!! Jolene? Heather? In??

Wicked short post for today but I’m totally and utterly beat from this week in Austin and ready to crash, and crashΒ  hard. I have a 2:30am wake-up call tomorrow “morning” (if you can even call that morning??) that I’m totally dreading. What I’m not dreading? Jumping into Scott’s arms when I land tomorrow in Boston. I’ve missed him so.

See ya’ll on the flip side, I’ll be back to regular blogging soon!!

16 thoughts on “I heart Lindsay

    • You got like 3 posts annnnd a whole weekend together!! πŸ˜‰ just thinking about it makes me miss you girl! Must plan the lakehouse visit this summer stat! Ps totally thought of you on our run this morning, you would’ve loved the trails (and the company, hehe)

  1. ahhhh!!! I heart JESSICA! I wanted to steal you away from work all day and go to whole foods, etc. You are just to kind. I loved meeting you and you are amazing, just like you are here!
    So encouraging. Yes, Healdsburg half would be amazing! Running in the wine country…YES M’AM!

    be safe tomorrow. Call me if you need anything!

    • Loved, loved, looooved our meet-up today girlfriend! Would’ve loved to spend the whole day together, we would’ve had such a blast!! You are the best!! Wish me luck getting a coupla hrs of sleep before my flight tomorrow, wahhh so early!!

  2. Blog friends really are amazing! One of my closest friends is a person I met through the blog. It’s as if we’ve known each other our whole lives. It’s one of my favorite things about blogging. I’m glad you had the opportunity to meet in Austin. Hope the travels are safe and smooth!

    • They truly are amazing – so many of my blog friends just get me even more than some of my IRL friends do which is weird to say, but true in some cases. Speaking of which, I will definitely take you up on the offer to conduct our own run date soon! Let’s pick a date!

  3. I love meeting awesome new people. Especially if they’re running buddies. I’m staying with one this weekend. We’re going out tomorrow morning. Hungover probably. (That’s what I’m talking about!) Those kind of people are good to have in our lives πŸ™‚

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