I have just one question to ask:

Are you guys just as bad at being sick as I am?

Because for starters, I’m notsicknotsicknotsicknotsick.

But if I *were* sick, I’d hate it. It would feel like defeat to admit to being sick.  Soooo I’m just gonna pretend I’m not sick, mmk?

But in the meantime, I’ve been told I will not be running today as I had planned. Hmph *crosses arms*

And I’ve been warmed that I’ll be ducked taped to the couch if I don’t sit down and take it easy. Hmph. Don’t wanna. *stomps foot*

Notsick. Notsick. Notsick.

Editor’s Note: This blog post brought to you by the notsick editor-in-chief of EatDrinkBreatheSweat who promises to be back in workout action no later than tomorrow. Because tomorrow kicks off “last chance workout week” before Jamaica. So those germs that threaten to invade? They are no longer welcome after today. Shoo! Shoo!