So all that talk about not really being sick yesterday?

Well, I’m sick.  Like legit sick. Flu-like sick. Yuck.

I haven’t been sick in at least three years, maybe longer. So you can imagine how awful of a patient I’ve been so far. Whiny. Stubborn (still thinking I can do stuff around the house, trying to avoid taking meds, etc.). Downright annoyed that I’m sick.

Why? Well mostly because it’s a rarity for me to get sick but also because it makes me feel so helpless and as if my body has failed me.

Well, it’s quite the opposite actually – my body has stood strong and germ-free for THREE years. So the fact that I’m sick for the first time in such a long time is impressive and I should quit whining about it right?? <—I know my husband would love it if I did!

So I’m going to attempt to be a good patient today, sitting as still as possible (to avoid dizzy spells, oof) and maybe, just maybe, allowing myself a nap since last night certainly did not qualify as sleep. Lots of tossing and turning, night sweats, y’know, all the good stuff.

And I’m also going to sit here and give thanks – that I do have such a strong body that has kept me healthy and active and fit for so long.  I’m downright blessed. So many of you have battled illness (serious illness) and injuries over the years – a little flu is nothing in comparison, I mean really. I have no right to complain in the grand scheme of things.

Sure – I was *really* hoping for a killer workout week just before we head off to Jamaica on Saturday, but y’know what? I’m coming to peace with the fact that I may not get to work out for a couple of days this week and I have to be ok with that. I’m not going to look any less fit or strong on the beach if that “last chance workout week” turns into a “last chance workout (or two)” instead. Life happens, right? And let’s be honest – how much worse would it be if I were still sick come Saturday and Jamaica? Um, no thanks.

So anyway, I’m off to disconnect – I snuck this blog post in while Scott was in the other room – he’d call the fact that I’m blogging while sick a “bad patient” move so let’s keep this between you and me, ok?