A few things the flu has taught me

 Well, I’ve had lots of time on my hands since the flu knocked me on my ass. In between napping at least twice a day (yes, twice a day), struggling to stay warm, and watching lots of Food TV, I’ve learned a few things…(and yes, this image is exactly how I’ve felt since Saturday night, complete with the sun mocking me out the window)

1 – I am not good at being sick. But we’ve pretty much established that already, right?  But seriously, I am not good at slowing down. I sit here feeling guilty that I’ve not done a lick of work in two days and my husband has been waiting on me left and right. It’s just not my style. I like to be active. I like to be helpful. Hell, I truly like to wait on my husband (when he lets me!). Deep down, I”m a giver, what can I say?

2 – I *really* miss working out. Duh. Shocking, right? But here’s what I’ve learned – not that I miss working out (because that’s obvious), but that I miss the mind-body connection piece that a good sweat-fest gives me. It’s that “me” time I’m missing – where I’m one with my thoughts, I’m one with my body, I’m pushing myself to make changes. Sitting on the couch for days on end (and in complete misery while doing so)? It’s just not me. At all.

3 – I’m not used to not feeling hunger. Like legit – first time in eons that I haven’t had any cravings, any desire to eat anything. Tonight is the first night that the smell of dinner cooking is fairly appealing. That is just wrong in my book – I LOVE food. I love to celebrate its yummy goodness over a glass of wine with my husband on a Saturday night. I miss it. I miss the taste of food even more. Tastebuds, please come back soon!

4 – I have a ridiculously patient husband. You all know by now how much I adore my husband. But after being sick this week? I adore him that much more. He’s done whatever he can to make sure I’m comfortable, well-hydrated, well-medicated, well-rested and as worry-free that things around the house will get done, even if I’m not able to do them myself. In short, he’s been amazing and utterly patient with a wife that cannot stand to be sick and whines often about that very fact. I’d be very sick of me if I were him by now.

5 – I will never, ever, take for granted my good health again. Not that I did before, per se, but this flu has totally thrown me for a loop. I cannot remember the last time I was sidelined like this. It’s really caught me off guard. And it reminds me that I need to always remember to be thankful for good health – because it’s totally not something to take for granted. Ever. Good health and injury-free? Those are huge blessings! So next time I think about whining about getting a workout done? Remind me of this post (though, somehow I highly doubt I’ll be whining about working out anytime in the near future after this whole flu experience!).

Long story short – I miss being me.

So self? Please, pretty please, get better soon – I miss you so much!

28 thoughts on “A few things the flu has taught me

  1. Oh sweetie, I am so with you on all of those things. I know I am SO thankful I don’t get sick that often. But man when I do… I grew up being super sickly with asthma related issues. So once I got that all under control finally, I feel like I have a right never be sick again. I spent so much time hitting up ERs and 24 hour clinics (even into my early 20s). Makes you feel so helpless. But you gotta remember, this isn’t you slacking. this is you sick. And because of all that working out, you will bounce back faster than most would.

    • I guess you’re right – I should hopefully bounce back sooner since I’m in good shape? Though I feel like this flu is taking forever to get OUT of my body. What the hell man!

  2. oh you sound just like me. i hate feeling useless and craving nothing! all you want to do is sweat and release some endorphins then cook a good meal for you and your man. But this is good, true REST. Not a rest day, but real rest! kicked on your ass rest, well need it. You’ll be good as new and with MORE motivation come monday. Hugs!

    • You’re right, true rest has been MUCH needed. cannot believe how many naps I’ve taken! I could totally use one today though, trying to get work done instead which has been slow going 😦

  3. aww! So true sis, I obviously know exactly what you mean. Helpless. Can’t do a damn thing but sit there like a vegetable. An achy, uncomfortable one at that. I bet Scott has been a saint…he’s the best and his patience just about surpasses that of M’s. Those two are so similar, man! Hope you are better asap sis, I miss you and workouts together!

  4. Too true our health is our wealth. You’re right, we never appreciate our health and feeling well until we don’t have it. The flu is horrible, it really does wipe a person out. At least you got sick now and not in Jamaica, now that would have been miserable. Hope you feel more energised and a bit better today.

  5. We miss you too 🙂

    I can totally see that 3 would be weird. I very VERY rarely lose my appetite. Even when I have to get up at 4 in the morning for work or a trip or something, I can eat. So in a way, not finding food appetizing would probably represent being sick to me more than the fever and so on.

    And hurray for Scott! What a champ. Hurray for you too though, letting his wait on you. It’s good for us to rely on others sometimes — it reminds us of the bond we have with them 🙂

    I hope you feel better soon!

    • It is SO weird not to feel hungry and for NOTHING to appeal to me. All I’ve eaten is carbs really, except for some chicken last night which was actually pretty good, but I’m just not in the mood for anything. It’s the weirdest thing ever. I don’t like it. Is it over yet?!

  6. I *really* hope you start getting back to your normal self very, very soon. 😦 The fact that you are starting to eat again is a very good sign – hopefully that will get your energy levels up!!

  7. Oh Jess, I agree wholeheartedly with all 5 of these! I’m terrible at being sick. I’m not good at resting. And my poor patient husband has to deal with a moody wife who can’t run or ride my bike. I hope you are feeling 100% ASAP!

  8. Awww. It’s good to see you back. I hope you get to feeling better soon. I’m not good at being sick either, so I totally feel your pain!

  9. Girl, that sounds like me too! I HATE being sick or not able to take care of things for any reason.

    How fortunate are you to have a loving husband to take care of you?! Feel better soon!

  10. Ugh! Jess! I’m so sorry you got clobbered with the flu…seems like everyone’s been down and out recently! I’m fighting a chest cold right now that’s been running rampant in my kids’ little bodies. Four days of fever. FUN.

    I really hope you feel better, soon. I can tell that you’re frustrated with feeling so cruddy. There’s nothing like a nasty sickness to come between you and your happy self.

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