I’m baaack!

Whew.  That was a rough week. But guess what? It’s over and…

…I’m baaack!!!

So happy to be “me” again I can’t even begin to tell you. I did “behave” and started off this morning with a fairly “light” workout (Core Fusion, how I’ve missed you!) at home, but damn did it feel good to get even just a little bit of a sweat on today. And not one brought on by a fever, aching body and chills!

Looking back on this week though, I had the grandest of plans to get in a killer workout week before heading off to Jamaica, but apparently a certain someone had another plan for me. God sure does work in mysterious ways, I must say – sure, I was down for the count much of this week, but look? I’m basically back to “me” with less than 24 hours to spare before our trip. I couldn’t ask for much more, really.

And honestly? Like some of you have noted in your comments to me, I clearly needed this rest. A deep rest, one that being sidelined by illness would get me. Even though I hate hate hate being sick, the rest was welcome. The multiple naps a day (even if restless naps due to discomfort) were welcomed with open arms. I never left my couch. And if I did, it was only to crawl into bed to sleep some more. I would never have allowed myself such rest if I were healthy so apparently, God had a plan for me, a forced rest week if you will. And even though the flu is legit the worst thing EVER to experience, I am grateful for what it taught me.

I feel me again. And a thankful me.

Thankful for my health returning.

Thankful for appreciating my body for what it can do – when healthy and sick.

And, not gonna lie…really thankful that I’ll be en route to Jamaica this time tomorrow morning! And I promise to return even more well-rested, after a few good runs on the beach and lots a couple of of cocktails, with lots of pictures, lots of stories, and hopefully a nice little tan, too. 🙂

See ya’ll on the flip side, friends! 🙂