Ya, mon

“Ya, mon” <—officially my favorite Jamaican saying, ever.

That and “we don’t have problems, just situations.” I mean, how smart is that, right??

But I digress.

The good news? Jamaica was *just* what the doctor ordered.

The bad news? Apparently I needed more than just a fanfrickintastic Jamaican retreat to heal me of the sickies I was plauged with just before we left. Yup, I’m sick. Again. But this time, I SWEAR it’s going to be gone by tomorrow. For reals.

But let’s get back to the fun stuff. No complaints in this blog post! Like I said, there are no problems in Jamaica, only situations. And in this case, we got ourselves into lots of “situations” – but only fun ones, I swear!

There was lots of this:

Pool time. Ah, love.

And these…Miami Vice, yum. No shame from this fitblogger. 😉

And a few of these…walks on the VERY short beach (no running on this trip, the beach was tiny…but again, no guilt or shame from me on this trip…for the first time ever, I didn’t feel guilt for lack of working out to counterbalance the yummy eats and drinks. I count this as a huge step for me, especially since I had barely gotten one workout in before the trip due to aforementioned sickies. Again…digressing.)

And best of all? Lots of time with some of my favorite people…this guy (he’s so cute):

My sis (and yes, I realize we look naked here…or at least I do, LOL):

Great friends (Jo and M, Scott and I, and fab friend Michele and her boyfriend Stephen):

And of course, couldn’t resist – one more shot with Scott.

All in all – this was the exact right trip at the exact right time. It was a blast. Loved spending it with my sis (and her bf, M!). Loved everything about it. Even if it meant coming back to another bout of sick. But I’m not gonna worry about it, mmk? Tomorrow’s a new day, afterall.

Ya, mon. 😉