Me: 1; Me: 1

It’s official – I legit just kicked my own ass.  Hence:

Me: 1; Me: 1

Yes, I’m a dweeb.

But I digress.

Today’s “something new” workout knocked my socks off! I was so surprised at how hard I worked tonight, and all by myself, with nobody coaching me alone. Just me, my weights, and a little Food Network in the background (which proved to be a bad idea, hello rumbly tummy!).

It ended up being a PM workout for me – I was up until nearly 3am hacking and coughing away, it was awful. Needless to say, I was dragging this morning, like whoa. I smartly (thanks to my husband who told me to stop “being so <bleeping> stubborn around 2:30am) reset the alarm clock and got a few decent hours of sleep. It was worth it. Tonight I was in MUCH better shape to get my workout done, surprisingly so.

Here’s how it looked:

Back/Chest – supersets, endurance-style (high reps, lower weights)

Warm-up: four sets of push-ups done in drop-sets. 20x; 15x; 10x; 5x. I did these on a mix of my toes and knees. Really can’t wait to do them all on my toes. For some reason, push-ups have always been tough for me. A good goal for the end of this mini “rotation” maybe?

Superset #1: flat bench press followed by bent-over rows with a barbell. Three sets of 15-20 reps, with 30 secs of rest between each set. Bench press: 35 lbs; Bent-over rows/barbell: 60 lbs

Superset #2: chest flyes on a flat bench followed by one-arm row. Three sets; 15-20 reps each; 30 secs rest between.  Chest flyes: 12.5lbs; one-arm row: 17.5lbs

Superset #3: incline bench press followed by deadlifts. Three sets; 15-20 reps each; 30 secs rest between.  Bench press: 35 lbs; deadlift: 80 lbs
<whew, tired yet??>

Supertset #4: incline chest flyes followed by seated “T’s” with a band. Three sets; 15-20 reps each; 30 secs rest between. Incline flyes: 10 lbs (started low, arms were shaking like crazy by then); T’s – band only.

I decided to top it all off with some killer core work with the ab section of Core Fusion Body Sculpt. That one kills me everytime. Abs burn like craaazy. Love.

Whew, done – about an hour later.

So yeah, that was a pretty damn good workout.  Especially considering how long I’ve been away from consistent workouts (hello sickies, you can depart whenever you’d like, btw) – I was duly impressed with myself, not gonna lie. Expecting some good-sized DOMS tomorrow (I hope, heh).

Already looking forward to tomorrow’s workout – but let’s hope it’s an AM workout this time. I seriously need a good night’s sleep tonight, and hopefully this workout did it!

19 thoughts on “Me: 1; Me: 1

  1. That was a damn good chest and back workout, I’m impressed! Well done for doing all the push ups, push ups are a pain, aren’t they. I think I struggle with working chest and back but love working shoulders even though I don’t lift very heavy for shoulders yet.

    • why thank you! It left me wobbly and with a healthy dose of DOMS this morning. Nice and toasty 🙂
      I usually like working shoulders and biceps best but this chest/back workout was better than normal, I usually get bored with back, especially.

  2. Nice work, lady. Strong and inspiring! I need to get back to the weights in a bad, bad way. I know I will love the burn. A good strength workout always makes me feel hardcore.

  3. Oh no, you’re still not better? 😦 I hope you took it a little easy on yourself after that sleepless night.

    And you know, it took me a good few seconds to get the title of this post. Like, DUH!

    • Yup, still have this lingering dry, hacking cough. Seems to be subsiding (finally) today but it’s at night when it acts up the most. What the hell man, I’m over it!

      LOL – I know, if you look at the title, it doesn’t really make sense until you read the post. Orrr I’m just a dork and it only made sense to me at the time. 😉

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