And this is why I love blogging.

And this is why I love blogging. Your comments on my last post were nothing short of amazing. Full of great tips, great ideas, but most of all – lots of support (for me AND my sis).

One of my faves came from Becky over at BeckontheRun.

 16 Becky April 11, 2011 at 7:15 am

Always the planner! You have a great week ahead. I’m sure you (and your sis!) will find your running groove again soon. I got sick last fall and it took a full three weeks to feel normal when running. When I’m in a slump, I try not to put any pressure on the run. No specific time or distance. I also make lots of plans to run with other people. They often help me forget that I’m feeling sluggish and I end up having a great time running and chatting. Running, like any good relationship, is cyclical. There are lots of highs and lows, but once a runner, always a runner!

My favorite part of Becky’s comment? Her point about just running without putting any pressure on myself for that particular run. Even though I think I’ve done a good job at letting it go, avoiding numbers, planning, etc., now that I’ve recognized that I need to get my run-durance back, I’m starting to overthink (shocking, right?).

Case in point – this morning’s run. Here’s a running tally of some of the thoughts that crossed my mind:

“Ah, the sounds of the birds chirping and the cool air feels so nice on my skin…but wait, why I am not enjoying it. Why am I thinking at all right now…I should be letting go.”

“Hm, why does this feel so hard…am I just out of shape and kidding myself into thinking otherwise??”

“Oof, that was a tough hill…uh oh, I better not get a side cramp…”

“5k is all I got today? When will this feel like a ‘warm-up’ run again…sigh.”

“Man I just want to stop. Hm, I wonder if doing all those intervals this winter has gotten me out of the practice of steady state running…could that be my problem?”

And the list goes on and on and on and ON.

Seriously, can someone point me to the “off” switch in my brain??

All kidding aside though, this morning’s run was better than yesterday’s but it was still not a great run. Definitely not runner’s high worthy. And I totally blame my brain and it’s inability (suddenly) to turn off and just run, letting my mind wander in a good way vs. in the way I described above.

But back to Becky’s comment. She tends to comment on my blog in the morning and I just so happened to read her comment at just the right time…while I was mentally beating myself up for not letting go and just enjoying the run fully this morning. Because she’s right.

I DO need to get back to running just to run.
No pressure. No overthinking.

And I think Thursday’s run date ought to do the trick. Chatting with my sis and one of my favorite friends should certainly take the pressure off (and the focus off) the run itself. That’s the plan, anyway. 😉