Rest day, hmph.

So, I have a question.

How do you feel about taking a rest day when you truly don’t feel like you “need” one?

Because that’s exactly how I felt this morning. Like I really wanted to get a workout in but it was my planned rest day today so I behaved and just did a little ab work ala Core Fusion at home before work. And that was it. I promise.

But I really could’ve used a sweat-fest – like Ride, maybe. But I knew I wanted to run tomorrow so I didn’t want to change my rest day to then, but I also didn’t really want to call today a rest day either. See the dilemma here?

The reason for the desired sweat-fest? Grumpy pants. Plain and simple. A good sweat would’ve put me in a much better frame of mind today. I can guarantee it. <hello endorphins? I miss you>

So back to my question ‘o the day – how do you feel about taking the requisite one rest day/week if your body is feeling good and you are reallly craving a good workout? Do you still take your rest day like¬† a good girl (boy)? Or do you skip it and make sure to get a good rest in within the next day or so, instead?

I’m truly at a loss at how to answer this one. I’m really not one to advocate for skipping rest days but on the other hand, I’m also a big fan of “listening to your body” too. And dammit, I really wanted to listen to my body’s cry for a good sweat today. Hmph. <arms crossed>