I did not think. I just ran.

<Editor’s note – this was supposed to publish yesterday. Call it human error on my part. 😉 >

Today I got up and I ran.

I did not think.

I was just running to run.

And it was amazing.

Everything I missed about running, everything I loved about it. Came rushing back.

…the fresh (cool) air on my face.
…the familiarity of our original 5k loop from back when we first starting to run together.
…Scott by my side chatting away. Comfortingly so.
…the way my legs just carried me.
…my brain freely meandering.


I did not think.

I just ran.

12 thoughts on “I did not think. I just ran.

  1. Yes! The best type of runs ever. I got off work yesterday at 5:00PM, home by 5:15 and just went out for a fast neighborhood run. It was the perfect way to clear my head and unwind from the day.

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