On being able to.

On being able to…run.

Look no further than this story I happened to catch over the weekend while Scott was catching up on ESPN.

I wish I could’ve embedded this video because it is amazing and is so worth the five minutes to watch it.

Long story short? It’s an incredible story of courage and strength in the face of adversity and physical illness and a team that rallied around their coach. It brought me to tears. But it also reminded me yet again just how grateful I am to be able.

Able to walk. To run. To skip. To leap.
Able to lift weights. To spin to my break point. To race.

Incredible. And a total motivator (as if any of you really needed one – you all inspire me every single day!).
A great reminder on Marathon Monday too if you’re in or around the Boston area. Sadly, I’m in the office today but totally making a mental note to take this day off next year to cheer the marathoners on. I’ve lived here all my life and have yet to see the race live. Crazy, right? I must change that next year.


In other news, I’m back to my weight training ways this week, starting with an excellent chest workout yesterday and two more weight routines to come tomorrow (shoulders and legs) and Thursday (back/biceps/triceps – trisets!). At this point, I’m  mainly sharing these workouts with you so you can get a feel for how to build your own weight routine…more on this later, promise.

Chest – endurance style

Chest press @17.5 lbs into chest flyes @12.5 lbs – 15 rep per set/3 sets
push-ups (while waiting for Scott to do his round) – 15 reps per set

Superset #2:
Incline chest press @17.5 lbs; into incline chest flyes @12.5 lbs – 15 reps per set/3 sets
push-ups- 15 reps per set

Seems short enough right? But man, it did the trick! 40 minutes later and we were were totally spent and dying for breakfast. I highly recommend it. 🙂

On tap for today? I have a “date” with my sister tonight for Core Fusion (Lean & Toned) followed by sister dinner. I was also hoping to run this morning but alas, a poor night’s sleep and I felt like a truck ran me down this morning. So I listened to my body (ahem – I’m learning!) and nixed the run for today, knowing it would’ve been a poor showing for me. I’m hoping to make up for it tomorrow, instead (rain be damned!).

16 thoughts on “On being able to.

  1. Love the messages here sis…you listened to your bod, you are motivated by those that are ABLE, and you are learning to make your own weight routines. I love it. I need to do my own weight routines one of these days too. Maybe I can start by borrowing yours 😉 YAY for sister dinner 🙂

    • Thank you sis – I try. 😉
      And yes, I think you SHOULD try to create your own weight workouts, it’s been so much fun, especially because then you can pick and choose which exercises you love (and love to hate) instead of doing a pre-mixed workout full of exercises you might not always love to do, necessarily.

  2. Chest workout looks tough, I’m going to give it a go. It looks effective and I’m guessing my chest area will be fried after doing it. Still not great at mastering the push ups. Enjoy your sister evening, that will be fun.

    • Yes. I was sitting there watching that video, totally crying. Not just because it was such a touching story of strength and support, but because it instilled such a sense of gratitude for having my health, and a strong body. So very easy to take for granted.

  3. I think 40 mins is just about right for a weights session!

    And I’m still kicking myself for not going into town to see the marathon when I was in Boston last year. I sat in the library working instead… :-/

    • Agree, 40 mins – get in, get ‘er done, go home!
      Aww – see? That’s how I feel too. I freakin’ LIVE here and have yet to see it! How’s this – road trip to the states next year and we’ll go together. Deal?!

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