Overheard at Core Fusion…

…”Focus on your journey…a journey that never ends.(fitness)”

Spoken by the one and only Fred DeVito, founder of Core Fusion and Exhale Spas.

You might remember the last time my sis and I took a class of his last time he was in Boston. It went something like this:

That was life changing…

I didn’t think. I just moved.

And it was unreal just how motivating it was, and incredibly detoxfying. I even tried some moves I was only modifying before and I was stunned to see that I didn’t do a half bad job at the “real” version of flat back, for example. Just his encouragement was all I needed – he came by during that very move and said “tomorrow – you’ll get there” and just smiled. And I beamed with pride

Yeah, it was just like that. Again.

Only this time? I felt even more confident in my movements. Even stronger. More in control. More in the moment.

And, remember those moves I talked about mastering?
Yeah, I still haven’t mastered them. Truthfully, I never will.

As Fred said, fitness is a journey that never ends. And working through Core Fusion is part of that journey for me in such a big way. I was just so incredibly proud of myself tonight for the changes I saw in some of those moves. Moves I thought I’d never get better at back during my original Core Fusion Challenge.

The curl? MUCH stronger and more control.
Flat back/round back series? Yup, still have majorly tight hamstrings but the more I do these moves, the better it’s getting.

And I dig it. So much.

But really, it truly has become all about the journey for me. Not just with Core Fusion but with all of these fitness goals I place before me. Goals that are no longer about the numbers. Not about schedules. Not about structure.

Weight training.
Swimming (someday!).
Core Fusion.

A journey.
My journey. 
A journey that never ends.

17 thoughts on “Overheard at Core Fusion…

  1. So true! Really happy you got to take another Fred class. Every workout I find new strengths and weaknesses — it never ends, but every improvement is empowering.

  2. It was SUCH a good class tonight! So glad we were able to go again and see our improvements and also the areas we still need work on. Amazing how inspiring he is with just a few words or a gesture. Amazing!

  3. Love it, it’s so true, it’s really all about the journey and not the destination. So glad that you’re giving us ideas for weight training programmes, really enjoy reading them and getting ideas.

    • I truly took Fred’s words to heart last night – the journey towards fitness is so worth the effort, and is SUCH FUN, especially when having the pleasure of meeting and being inspired by such a fitness great.

  4. I adore Fred. He really says exactly what you need to hear at the exact moment you need to hear it. I sweat buckets in his classes! I love exhale – such an amazing organization. It’s my adult playground!

    • YES – and it’s always the most poignant phrase or inspired comment that hits me to the core (haha, no pun intended). Plus, nobody gets me to work as hard as he does in Core Fusion. It’s amazing. You’re right – Exhale is truly an adult playground, love it!!

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  6. Aaaaaah! So jealous you got another Fred class. I swear I was thinking to myself in Core Fusion this morning “I need another Fred class.” I just feel like I get sloppy sometimes and he’s SUCH an inspiration – he kept me on my toes for months after the last one even though he wasn’t there. Such a gift.

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