It’s gonna be a GOOD week

<says the girl who has a serious case of the Monday’s today>

Power of positive thinking, yes? But seriously – I do think it’s gonna be a GOOD, if not GREAT, week.

Why, you ask?

Well…there will be a lot of this:

A little bit of this: (more on what this is all about later):

And more of this:

Plus a fun blog friend meet-up in Boston on Thursday night (with blog reader Susan, all the way from Ireland! Can’t wait!).

So yes, I’m thinking this week will a goodie, and that’s sometimes all it takes. A little positive thinking,  lots of fun workout plans (if you’re a workout dweeb like me) and a great weather forecast (ignore the clouds, look at those temps!:

Three simple things to make me focus on the right things in my day and my week. Instead of wasting time focusing on the wrong things (the fact that it’s Monday…the weekend flew by…and “can’t-waiting” for the next weekend to come.)

Instead, I’m trying to live more presently and this is one pretty easy way of doing it. (something I know my husband can really appreciate…less “always-on-ness” and more “disconnectedness”)

So now, you take stock of your week and report back – how is this going to be a GOOD week for you??