Two (good) things Tuesday

There sure is something to be said for positive thinking. My all GOOD post from yesterday on how I envisioned this week panning out is paying off so far.

So today’s post is all about two (good) things Tuesday. 

First up? My run this morning. It was as close to runner’s high as I’ve gotten in months. I won’t classify it as a top ten run but it was definitely my best longer (of late) run for me. It was *only* about 4.5 miles but it was a run where the miles didn’t hurt. The brain didn’t throw me into panic-I-hate-this mode.  It was hard. And that felt good.

It reminded me of something my husband always tells me (and clearly I must have forgotten this fact) – if you’re doing it right, running should always be a challenge. It should never feel “easy” or “effortless.”  Sure – some days you might feel like you could run forever. Those are rare days in the world of running. And I think part of my problem is that I forgot that fact. In all my haste to get back to runner’s high again, I guess I sort of idealized running in my head a little bit.

Because the fact of the matter isI run because it IS hard. It IS challenging. And it makes me feel alive.
Bottom line. 

So, I’m feeling good and confident again that I am still indeed very much a runner. A runner that lost her way for a little bit, but a runner through and through. And that feels damn good.

What else is making me feel good? The fact that my sis and I discovered an awesome alternative to trekking into the city for Core FusionBarre N9NE is a studio near both of us that we tried for the first time last night (thank you Gilt Boston!). And it was SUCH fun, a great workout, and pretty similar to the barre-style that Core Fusion is known so well for. The one piece I’ll admit that was slightly amiss for me was the body-mind connection/inspiration piece that Core Fusion teachers at Exhale are known for. I really dig that part of the class – the guidance to look inward, to dig deep, to focus on connecting your breathing with your movements.

But honestly? Aside from that, I loved the class – and that it does give me an alternative to Boston which means I’m more likely to stick with barre-style sessions consistently, something I fully believe I need to continue to do to build a strong core, and long, lean muscles. But let me be clear, that doesn’t mean I am not still fully committed to Core Fusion and Exhale. They will always hold “first place” in my heart. I just can’t help it. 😉

Two (good) things Tuesday – running, running, running, and a local Core Fusion alternative. Wee! 
What’s on your good list for today??