What I worked Wednesday


That was quite the workout this morning. Now that I’m fully refueled (thanks to the hubs who has perfected the scrambled egg, I swear…and this from the guy who doesn’t even like eggs to begin with!), I thought I’d check in before my day goes into overdrive at the office (though I’m working from home today so I guess I should say “at my dining room table.”)

This morning started with a 6am Ride class – as usual, with my favorite instructor. She killed us – love it. But I noticed something. I seriously was sweating WAY more than I normally do in that class. Legit sweat pouring into my eyes. Reminded me of those longer half marathon training runs this past summer when it was 80 degrees at 7am. Oh how I miss those days…and cannot wait to get back to fierce running form again. I’m getting there. And I’ll take it (this is a reminder for you too, sis. We got this). 

When I got back, I decided to get my back/chest workout done.
Here’s how it looked:

Superset #1:

push-ups (wide)

Superset #2:
one-arm rows
bench press

Superset #3:
Y’s with the resistance band
Flat-bench flyes
3×15 (or 20 depending on how I felt)

Quick and dirty – love those supersets!

This was the very workout I told ya’ll on twitter last night that I was foregoing in favor of being present. Was just what we needed – we watched (ok, sorta watched if you’re me) the Bruins playoff game while playing rummy on the couch together. Yep, we’re dorky that way. We actually have a bet going – which makes this much more fun, I’m so competitive!

Here are the details:  First one who wins 25 hands of rummy gets to pick the other person’s “losing prize.” If I win, Scott has to come with me to get a mani/pedi (seriously, that boy’s cuticles are in dire need…and c’mon, it would just be funny to see him in a pedi chair). If I lose? Scott takes me to Foxwoods or Mohegan where I have to actually play a table game (if we ever go to a place like that, I usually just watch, it makes me nervous, the whole betting thing). So yeah…I digress. But this is how we Sutera’s roll. A little dorkiness never hurt anyone, right?  😉

So yeah, long story short – I’m in a rambly, kinda goofy mood today. I blame it on the endorphin rush from today’s workout. Left me feeling super-duper alive. I dig it. Feeling good.  How ya’ll doing with your good/great week??

18 thoughts on “What I worked Wednesday

    • Yes, that’s exactly how I felt too! My yoga pants were like PAINTED onto me by the end of class, they were soaked!

      That’s really funny – I totally think Scott would love the pampering, even though he’d NEVER admit it. I mean c’mon, it’s not like they’d paint his nails or something. Geesh, what’s the big deal. 😉 I hope I win!!

  1. Wheee! Killed it in Ride this morning too, was so hard. Even my calves were sweating. Glad I opted for shorts today! M was like, pretty sure my underwear are drenched – LOL. Um, ya, mine too 😉 And yes, I immediately thought of those runs too, where my ponytail is completely drenched in sweat!

  2. Whoa, those are a couple of killa workouts! You’re definitely back on top form! And I love the Sutera dorkiness 🙂

    Hope work isn’t kicking your ass too badly!

  3. scrambled eggs are hard to master! lucky your husband has it down. I love bike/spin class. I don’t go often lately because I ride outside so much. It’s always a butt-kicking, though. 🙂 My GREAT week is honestly pretty great. Super busy and productive.

    • Do you want to know a secret? I’m scared to ride a bike outside because I haven’t done it for YEARS. Last time I tried, I fell like three times. I’m such a klutz (and clearly a wimp, too!)

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