The teeter-totter effect…

Remember that feeling you’d get as a child sitting on a seesaw – that teeter-totter feeling where you aren’t sure if you’ll stay up, balance well with your friend on the other end, or come slamming to the ground? 

That’s the balancing act I sometimes find myself in as it relates to fitness and living a balanced, healthy (and happy) life.

You all know how much I pride myself on my ability to maintain pretty decent balance most of the time – and that it’s something I’ve been working on extra hard this year in particular. Focusing on being more present, on getting past the workout “numbers game” and enjoying my workouts, and my life outside of fitness, as much as possible. No regrets, no guilt, no what-if’s.

Well I was reminded this morning of that dangerous teeter-totter effect that comes into play now and then and that yes, I still battle it from time-to-time. Long story short – I tried to skip my rest day because this morning’s weather was begging to be run in. And I almost did skip it if my conscience didn’t get the best of me and I admitted to Scott that I  hadn’t taken a rest day in almost two weeks (my last one was on a Sunday I believe). To that, he promptly responded by resetting the alarm clock and forcing me back to bed. Now, I’ll admit that my body was indeed telling me to rest, but my brain was not hearing it. It literally took Scott’s reaction to get me to accept it (thank God for him, seriously).

I guess the moral of this little story is two-fold:

Finding – and maintaining – balance is hard.  And takes lots of diligence. 

Falling out of balance happens to the best of us. Even to those that *think*  <ahem> they’re doing a bang-up job of maintaining said balance.  

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m honestly not beating myself up here. I’m human. It happens. I know that. I guess it just totally struck  me this morning by just how much of a teeter-totter effect that this whole “balance” thing can take on. And that I can always be more diligent about maintaining good balance.

And, similar to what Fred DeVito said about fitness being a journey that never ends, well – balance is also a journey that never truly ends. 

My question to you – how do you keep good balance in your life? Do you struggle with it? Do you try to go with the flow? Do you not think about it at all?