3 words (and one extra)

Three words: 




Remember when I asked you all to come up with three words that you’d describe yourself with? Well, I have this habit of asking Scott random questions when we’re eating dinner or sitting on the deck, going for a walk, whatever. It’s always something really random. So the other night (I think it was Sunday), I asked him how he’d describe me in three words (words, not phrases, I specified).

And these were the words he uttered…sexy, strong, adorable.

I don’t know why, but those words totally made me blush – even though he’s probably complimented me using those words a hundred times in the nearly seven years since we’ve been married. But hearing him rattle them off without hesitation really struck me somehow. Reminded me how grateful I am to have such an awesome husband who adores me (and who I adore right back!), but also reminded me that I should revisit these words next time I have a low confidence moment. So, while looking in the mirror this morning while getting ready for my day (in the midst of watching William & Kate coverage!), I remembered those words and made sure not to let negative thoughts creep in.

Sometimes it truly is the little things – like three simple words – that make all the difference. 

Regardless, I urge you to give this little exercise a try – with your boyfriend, your husband, your best friend, your sister. You might be surprised by what you hear. Embrace it. 


So the title of my post mentions “three words (and one extra)” – that extra word? 

Half marathon.  

I can’t get it off my mind…despite my running mojo being  a little hit or miss lately.

And the half I *really* can’t get off my mind?

The Healdsburg Half. 

At the end of October, amidst the vines in Dry Creek.

Am I crazy to sign up for it when I haven’t even figured out our vacation plans to return there this fall?? 

Or should I throw a little caution to the wind and register anyway, even if it could mean a very quick weekend trip to Cali just to run this race?

Am I equally crazy for also still wanting to run the Wicked Half again a month prior – just because that race holds sentimental value to me as my first-ever half marathon?

Hm. I think I’m crazy.

20 thoughts on “3 words (and one extra)

    • Ha, I warned you – we are SUCH a dork couple. 😉

      As for the race thing – I haven’t registered for a single one yet this year, partly due to the mojo thing but partly because I just can’t decide which one(s) I want to do…so indecisive lately!!

  1. I’m preparing for my 2nd half marathon after last year’s premiere and I read a lot about the “right” training, preperation etc. these days. Therefore, I recommend chosing just one race not both. In my eyes it’s better concentrating on one aim and than enjoying your well deserved wine holiday instead of hurrying to reach yet another target. Does that make sense? Having the balance in mind you described in your former post I’d say: one race – one holiday is the perfect balance 🙂 Let me know about your decision anyway. I’m sure you’ll find the right way.

    • Ohhh when is your half?? I need to start translating your blog so I can keep up!!

      And you are right – I do need to keep balance in mind…I’m totally undecided about which race to do, the whole running through the vines thing is just so enticing to me, I literally cannot stop thinking about it. So maybe my decision is already made in the back of my mind?? Hmmm.

      • I’m gonna run my 2nd half marathon on June, 26th. Well, this is the plan. But you never know… I just started with my hm-training and hope I’ll find enough time to follow the schedule for 10 weeks. It’s mad since the first one was so relaxed as it was my main aim to arrive. Now I wanna be faster than last time which puts a bit of extra pressure on me, of course. I’ll keep you updated 🙂
        PS: I write mostly about food, cooking and wine in my blog. Running is just a tiny bit of it…

  2. How sweet! Today is all about LOVE 🙂

    I can’t imagine anything more beautiful than a half-marathon in California wine country. If you are planning to go then there would be no better way to savor the scenery. That said, back to back races are tough. It’s nearly impossible to actually race both races, so you would have to make a plan to go easy at one of them and just run for fun.

    Happy planning!

  3. aww! so cute! I love that. Maybe I will ask M that tonight 😉 As for the half…it IS easy to get caught up in, but let’s wait just a bit more…mmk? Like a month?!

    • I think you should – it could be a blog post of your own, I bet! 🙂

      I think we need to just do it, sis – I cannot think of anything better than running 13.1 miles while surrounded by vines…and crossing that finish line to a waiting glass of Sonoma’s finest wine. I mean, really. Is that even a question??

    • Haha, aw shucks. 😉

      I really do want to go for this half – it would be amazing, I firmly believe that (scenery, alone!).

      We have to plan our lakehouse retreat AND a visit to your neck of the woods too – let’s get on that, mmk? I’ll let you get back from Seattle first though. 😉

  4. Strong and sexy goes without saying 😉 It’s the adorable that I really like though. There’s something a little vulnerable about it. You two are just too cute!

    And you know, I will try this with my (new!) date later. Having spent a lot of time in bed with unwashed hair lately, feeling not much of anything, I could do with a bit of a leg up into feeling positive about myself again!

    • y’know? I think “adorable” was the one that got me too – sorta describes me as the dorky, sorta vulnerable side that I have…but I didn’t really even realize that until you pointed out that very word. Damn, you’re insightful, for reals.

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