I am thankful

A brief conversation with a close friend of mine spurred this post today.  She has battled a recurring back problem that leaves her with constant pain, a pain that she pushes through every single day…with a smile 99.9999% of the time. And that amazes me…probably more than she knows.

She mentioned (in the context of a separate conversation we were having, the context of which I won’t share here) that the reason she doesn’t regularly read my blog is because it’s hard for her not to feel jealous or sad that she can’t do most of the things that I am downright lucky to be able to do.

I am able. She is not.

And that’s hard for her to swallow – and obviously, I cannot blame her for that in the least. Yet, she does accept it – as best as she can. And she pushes forward. She lives her life, despite the pain that’s always there. Every single day. I can’t even imagine how that must feel. She inspires me. So much (again, I doubt she realizes this). And honestly, she’s a big reason I am constantly grateful and thankful that I am able.

So today? I am thankful (yet again) that I am able
Thank you, friend, for reminding me of that.

What else am I thankful for today? 

I am thankful that one of my best friends got to experience a baby shower. Her baby shower. Something she didn’t think she’d ever get to experience personally. It was a true blessing today to see her unwrap gifts with glee. With a huge smile, the cutest baby bump I have ever seen, and a room full of beaming faces, all there to celebrate with her…I am so thankful for those moments today. And, not gonna lie – cannot wait to be an honorary auntie. I’ve had lots of practice with Isabel, afterall. 😉

Thankful…it’s a good feeling. A blessed feeling. And I dig it.  

I bet if you each took just one minute today to think about it, that you could rattle off at least two or three things you’re feeling especially thankful for.

So…what are you waiting for? Ready, set, go!