I had (have?) a dream

Well, sorta both.

I *did* have a dream this weekend.

One that left a lasting impression.

But it’s also a dream of mine, too.

Hence the title of my post…
…I had (have?) a dream…to run the Healdsburg Half

My dream this weekend was vivid. I was very clearly running in Healdsburg – surrounded by beautiful vineyards, full of multi-colored vines, just past the grape harvest. And I was running.  Freely. Almost magically. (it *was* a dream afterall!). And I had an awesome race. One where I never hit that all encompassing wall. One where the run was one to remember. One where I crossed that finish line with arms stretched overhead in victory, huge grin plastered on my face, pride radiating from my body. I crossed in PR-crushing fashion. And it was amazing. 

Fast forward to tonight. Running with Scott. Nearly puking at the end (he pushed me so far out of my comfort zone…much-needed but still, I totally envisioned my Chobani making a second appearance tonight, oy). But all I could think about was that dream.

I want to run the Healdsburg Half. 

So much.

And why have I not registered yet?? One reason, and one reason only: I have a practical husband. Who thinks we should wait juuuuust a little bit longer until a few things on the home front are worked out.

So, while I tried my best to win him over with batting eyelashes and pleading puppy dog eyes….I kinda know he’s right. So we’ll wait…just a little bit longer. But only because he’s really cute and I am pretty sure I’ll win him over in the end. 

But if any of you know me by now, you know one thing: I am stubborn. Once my mind is settled, there isn’t much that will deter me.

So watch out, Healdsburg Half…there are some east coasters with their eye on you this fall!  😉