I had (have?) a dream

Well, sorta both.

I *did* have a dream this weekend.

One that left a lasting impression.

But it’s also a dream of mine, too.

Hence the title of my post…
…I had (have?) a dream…to run the Healdsburg Half

My dream this weekend was vivid. I was very clearly running in Healdsburg – surrounded by beautiful vineyards, full of multi-colored vines, just past the grape harvest. And I was running.  Freely. Almost magically. (it *was* a dream afterall!). And I had an awesome race. One where I never hit that all encompassing wall. One where the run was one to remember. One where I crossed that finish line with arms stretched overhead in victory, huge grin plastered on my face, pride radiating from my body. I crossed in PR-crushing fashion. And it was amazing. 

Fast forward to tonight. Running with Scott. Nearly puking at the end (he pushed me so far out of my comfort zone…much-needed but still, I totally envisioned my Chobani making a second appearance tonight, oy). But all I could think about was that dream.

I want to run the Healdsburg Half. 

So much.

And why have I not registered yet?? One reason, and one reason only: I have a practical husband. Who thinks we should wait juuuuust a little bit longer until a few things on the home front are worked out.

So, while I tried my best to win him over with batting eyelashes and pleading puppy dog eyes….I kinda know he’s right. So we’ll wait…just a little bit longer. But only because he’s really cute and I am pretty sure I’ll win him over in the end. 

But if any of you know me by now, you know one thing: I am stubborn. Once my mind is settled, there isn’t much that will deter me.

So watch out, Healdsburg Half…there are some east coasters with their eye on you this fall!  😉

25 thoughts on “I had (have?) a dream

  1. We WILL do this half…I am convinced. BUT, let’s listen to your practical hubby and wait a bit. Never know. And it’s only May sis! We got time to register!! one day at a time. BREATHE 🙂

    • I am convinced too – that dream was far too vivid, far too comforting (oddly enough) that I just know we will run it. Deep down, I do. I mean c’mon – we ARE going back to Healdsburg, why not plan it around a fitness event?? 😉

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! I know what it’s like to be stubborn and have the practical husband…. 🙂
    Just keep batting those eyelashes, though. He can’t hold out forever, right???

  3. Sounds amazing! Let’s all run it together. Maybe we can have bake sale to raise money. 😉 There are many things in the upcoming year that I’m interested in committing to, but can’t right now for a number of reasons. I know the feeling!

    • I know…I mean really, how can you NOT beam the entire time running a race like that, surrounded by such beauty. Plus, wine country is my mecca so it’s only fitting that I run a half there…perfection!

    • Yes, I do hate when life interferes – but Scott is right…I need to put on my patience pants while we work things out and I’m sure at that point, we’ll be able to run this race together. I have faith. 🙂

  4. Wow, that half sounds awesome! I hope it works out for you!

    Also, I really like that you run with your husband. I never run with mine, because he is faster than me, but I never thought aboout trying to keep up with him as a way to push myself. Maybe one night this week…

    • I love to run with Scott – we have some great convos during our run “dates” and he really does push me harder than I might push myself…which is huge for me. Give it a shot – I’d love to hear how it goes! I have to say, I have a very patient husband too…who doesn’t mind going at my pace (most of the time!). 🙂

  5. ahhh, it would be so amazing! i mentioned this to my family too and they reminded me that we have a family trip planned to vegas this weekend…but…who knows if it’ll actually happen. i am still penciling this race into my calendar!

  6. Hope you get to run Healdsburg Half, I’ll google it. Funny you mention dreams, I was only talking about it last night with a friend when we were eating dinner at her place. My dream is simple or is it, I want to get married to the right guy, have a child and perhaps foster a child too. I know one can dream for work stuff, fitness stuff and it can happen but can it happen for relationships or do they just happen?

    • I totally believe that it can happen – and firmly believe that your perfect match is out there. You are a beautiful, fit, fabulous chica – what’s not to love about you?? I just wish I could “find” him for you, I know he’s out there though 😉

  7. This is so me! Haha! Sometimes I say that I wish my boyfriend was practical. I need someone to stop me every once in awhile. I totally understand your NEED to run this half. It sounds dreamy 😉 We all have a race “bucket list.” It sounds like you need to cross one off!

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