What I worked Wednesday (and Mon, and Tues, and…)

What a week it’s been so far! I had the best of intentions to write a post today about my favorite workout of the week but guess what? It was too hard to pick just one so I figured I’d dedicate today’s post toWhat I worked Wednesday (and then some).”  I hope you don’t mind. 😉

Sunday – leg day! Had to make up for last week’s skipped leg workout so I made sure it was a doozy.  Four sets of supersets done 3×20 style. Included lunges, squats (with and without weight), deadlifts, plie squats (still feeling those!), calf raises and side-slide and slide-back lunges. Finished off with a bit of Core Fusion abs (from my growing collection of Core Fusion DVDs of course). Love!

Mondaypuke-worthy run with Scott.

TuesdayBarre N9NE class which I LOVED so much. It was a fusion style class and kicked my behind, like whoa! I just LOVE how I feel both during a barre-style class and right afterwards. The only way to describe it is body-shaking and totally detoxifying.

Today – sweatfest of a Ride class. It was a new release today that was killer…plus the room was super warm for some reason today which left me dripping (good day to forget my towel, oy). I swear, I’m still sweating now!

Whew! Great workout week so far! Sometimes that’s all it takes to make my week that much better (in between that thing called work, right??). And there’s more to come, woohoo! So – my question to you: can you pick out your favorite workout(s) of the week? How did it make you feel? What made it your favorite?

In all honesty, I love every single workout I fit in for one main reason: I’m able and I totally appreciate that. Whoa-ly. 

*Warning* Fitgeek moment

I’m having a mini – ok major – fitgeek moment. 

Seriously, bursting at the seams.

So much so that this post just couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

...what? TWO posts from me in one day??

That could only mean one thing – only that I have some really, really, REALLY cool news to share. 

Something my sis and I have been cooking up but have kept under wraps until now. (Call it the jinx factor…or sheer doubt that we’d actually win!).

So here goes…

We were just informed that she and I were chosen for a 60-day transformation at Barre N9NE!!!
(Barre N9NE is the super-cool studio  we’ve been testing out the past two weeks that’s very similar to Core Fusion/Exhale Spa, just local to us instead of a national brand)

Not only that but we get to be Barre N9NE SPOKESMODELS to boot!! 

I mean, that’s got to be the COOLEST thing ever, especially if you’re a self-professed fitgeek like me!
AND it means we’re bound to see some amazing “transformative” results, right??

Of course, I have zero details to share until we meet with Barre N9NE owner Tanya on Saturday.  All I know is this – it’s gonna be awesome. And we’re totally gonna ROCK it out!!

But seriously – I am bursting with excitement (if you couldn’t tell by the five million exclamation points in this post!!)! This is especially awesome since we’ll get to experience this entirely together…something we don’t get to do quite as often now that we don’t work together, commute together, spend nearly every waking moment together! <sob>

And bonus? They have a “baby barre” class I think our sis and beautiful niece Isabel may test out at some point during this 60 day transformation. I love it!!

Ahhhhhhh!!!! <—-this is me *still* freaking out, hours after getting the news, even. I can’t even sit still. This is just craziness!!!