What I worked Wednesday (and Mon, and Tues, and…)

What a week it’s been so far! I had the best of intentions to write a post today about my favorite workout of the week but guess what? It was too hard to pick just one so I figured I’d dedicate today’s post toWhat I worked Wednesday (and then some).”  I hope you don’t mind. 😉

Sunday – leg day! Had to make up for last week’s skipped leg workout so I made sure it was a doozy.  Four sets of supersets done 3×20 style. Included lunges, squats (with and without weight), deadlifts, plie squats (still feeling those!), calf raises and side-slide and slide-back lunges. Finished off with a bit of Core Fusion abs (from my growing collection of Core Fusion DVDs of course). Love!

Mondaypuke-worthy run with Scott.

TuesdayBarre N9NE class which I LOVED so much. It was a fusion style class and kicked my behind, like whoa! I just LOVE how I feel both during a barre-style class and right afterwards. The only way to describe it is body-shaking and totally detoxifying.

Today – sweatfest of a Ride class. It was a new release today that was killer…plus the room was super warm for some reason today which left me dripping (good day to forget my towel, oy). I swear, I’m still sweating now!

Whew! Great workout week so far! Sometimes that’s all it takes to make my week that much better (in between that thing called work, right??). And there’s more to come, woohoo! So – my question to you: can you pick out your favorite workout(s) of the week? How did it make you feel? What made it your favorite?

In all honesty, I love every single workout I fit in for one main reason: I’m able and I totally appreciate that. Whoa-ly. 

20 thoughts on “What I worked Wednesday (and Mon, and Tues, and…)

  1. Core Fusion Express! I am loving this streamlined class. My running has been kind of stinky this week. Maybe I can redeem myself this evening, maybe not. But I’ll always have Core Fusion Express. Sigh.

    • I’ve had my fair share of running funks lately but slowly but surely my mojo is returning…and I’m sure it’ll be the same for you!
      So jealous of your CF express, which they had that here!

  2. It’s shaping up to be a great week. I am anxiously awaiting the Cape Relay – 12 people, 2 vans, 24 hours, 200 miles. It’s sure to be a great workout!

    • It was the April ’11 release and it was KILLER. Without a towel, I was dripping, could barely keep the sweat from dripping into my eyes, so crazy!! Loved it! Yay for awesome workout weeks! 🙂

  3. it depends on the day and how i am feeling honestly. Yesterday I had to teach and it was brutal but at the end I felt so strong and awesome. Today it was trail run, more mellow and peaceful. I like having the best of both worlds in my week. hehe!

    • I love that dichotomy (look at me, using big words LOL) – and agree, the best of both world’s is the way to go. That’s why I love Barre-style classes mixed with toughies like spinning 🙂

  4. My favourite workout and one that always makes me smile as well as being a bit puckish is Cathe’s HIIT workouts. Love doing one or two of them each week. I also Cathe’s Muscle Max for weight training and Athletic Step for the great music soundtrack. I got Supreme 90 in the mail today, I tried the first workout, it was tough and it moved quite fast so I had to pause the dvd a few times. Thanks for lovely comment on last post, it made my day!

    • Ohh I’m so glad you’re liking the Supreme 90 workout – I was curious how you’d like it!

      And ps. I’m so glad I could make your day – I meant every word 🙂

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  6. That sounds like a LOT of sweating and endorphin highs 😉 My favorite non-running workout is usually the QiRyder class (because it’s a butt-Kicker, to say the least), but sometimes Yoga will rival that and I wouldn’t be able to choose one over the other 😉

    • exactly – it also depends on the day/my mood and what workout I love more. They all have a special place in my heart, it would be like picking one child over another (if I had a child LOL). 😉

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