On Barre (n9ne)-raising expectations

Now that the initial fitgeek freak-out is mostly behind me, I’ve had time to think about what this Barre N9NE 60 day challenge means to me, what my expectations are, and other rambling thoughts in between. <thanks sis, for the blog topic idea!>

In no particular order…

I’m excited. For change – in body, but even more so in mind. I want this to reset my thinking on what I believe my body is capable of.  Far too often I think I sell myself short in this area. I have doubts. I don’t always trust my body to carry me through whatever challenge it faces. I want to see that end.

I’m ridiculously ready for something new. Even if that means rethinking my current workout regime…something that I know is bound to happen with the amount of barre-work I’ll be doing in the next 60 days. I am willing to give up my “usual” weight training routine, for sure. I’m not so ready to give up running…spinning, maybe, running, notsomuch. So that will be a challenge for me – fitting in my love of running – without overtraining.

I expect…

…this to be hard.


…Sometimes even a little bit intimidating.

…but so much fun. 

The ladies over at Barre N9NE have years and years of dancing, ballet, and fitness experience between them – and they are stunningly strong, long, and lean. <they are also the cutest, nicest and most-welcoming women I’ve ever met, I swear>  I love that – but it also kind of intimidates me somehow. It’s kind of a control thing – I’m used to controlling my own “destiny” if you will, when it comes to my workouts, so letting someone else take control seems crazy to me.

But I’m ready.
To embrace. 
To let go. 
To learn. 
To transform.  

I’m SURE I’ll have an entirely different set of feelings/expectations after we meet with Barre N9NE on Saturday to walk through the 60 day plan…so maybe I’ll update this post then. For now – I’m super-duper excited and STILL fit-geeking it out, big time. Don’t mind me. 😉

And, thank you all for being so excited right back for me and my sis, I love that. So much. You guys are the best!

24 thoughts on “On Barre (n9ne)-raising expectations

  1. YES! So so so so SO excited for you! Can’t wait to hear more when you start taking class every day!!!! This will be AMAZING for you.

    • Your passion is ridiculously infectious Dori!!! I LOVE it. I cannot wait to experience this – especially the everyday thing, I think it’s going to make a HUGE impact!!

  2. I’m really looking forward to hearing about your progress on the 60-day challenge. Barre classes really changed my body and my outlook to health and fitness.I’m a big believer in their body-transforming ability. How many classes per week will you be doing?

    • YES! It’s so amazing to meet others in this bloggy world that have been so changed by barre work. I am excited to dig into your blog to read about your experience with it!

      As for classes – I’m not sure, probably 4-5 times per week, if not more??

  3. I COMPLETELY agree sis. They are wonderful women and I can’t wait to learn as much as possible from them. This is going to be unforgettable, I can’t wait to share it with you 🙂

  4. This is incredible! It inspires me to want to do something like this. I’ve put running aside the past month or so – maybe only 3 runs total. I’m just focusing on yoga and I ride my bike a lot. I’d love to get into Pilates or Barre, too. I have no doubt that this will be a great experience for you!

    • I think focus is great – riding your bike and doing lots of yoga (with the occasional crossfit thrown in, right?) is awesome. A great mix of the more mental work of yoga and the more physical work of biking. Awesome! PS. I think you’d LOVE a barre class!

  5. such a great thing, and to share with Jobo is awesome! 🙂 I’m very excited FOR you both, and can’t wait to hear how it goes…

    my mom and my aunt were both ballet dancers, and I have always admired what that takes – it is a challenge!

    • I’m really, really REALLY excited to share this with Jo, I’ve missed having something that is “ours” to do together since we don’t work together and don’t get to workout together as much anymore. This feels really special.

  6. I’m excited for your 60 day challenge, so just to clarify you’ll only be doing barre type workouts for 60 days? Would you believe I’ve never done a barre workout before, I pre-ordered Cathe’s new dvds and it looks like one is a barre type workout so I’ll be curious to try it. Of course I can kind of see myself getting tempted to buy a barre workout before then when I’m reading more about your challenge. Exciting for you and what a great type that this challenge arrived for you.

    • I’m not sure – I’ll definitely be doing a TON of barre classes (and 1:1 work too) but I’m also planning to continue running…and maybe spinning here and there IF it fits into my schedule. If not, I’ll let that go for now. Running is a must for me, though.

      I can’t wait for you to try a barre style workout – I think you’ll love it. If you’re curious before you get Cathe’s version, try an at-home DVD like Core Fusion maybe? Or Physique57?

  7. I love that you are so open to new workouts. This is such an exciting new path. I’m sure there will be so many transformations, both physical and mental, to go through in the 60-day challenge. I can’t wait to follow along!

    • It’s funny – I never really thought I was that “open” to new workouts but apparently I’m much more open to adventure than I thought. I am REALLY excited for the next 60 days, and even though I wrote out my expectations, I honestly really have no idea what to expect. Truly. I’m just along for the ride, buckling my seatbelt extra tight!

  8. I am really excited for you to do this! It’s such a cool opportunity and the fact that you get to share it with your sister is just icing on the cake.

    Selfishly, I’m also eager to see how you manage to balance it all. I’m not participating in any type of challenge, but I always try to do as much Core Fusion as possible (a – because I LOVE it and b-I feel the need to justify my exhale membership to myself) AND I am training for a half marathon AND your weight-training series got me all excited to try that AND about a half dozen other things and balance is really something I struggle with. Wow – super long run-on sentence but my point is, I will be watching!

    • I LOVE you ladies for how excited you are for me and my sis! Trust me, the feeling is mutual. 🙂

      Wow – I have to say, you are biting off a LOT right now with your workouts. If you are looking for my advice (and even if you aren’t, I’m gonna give it!) – I’d suggest you focus on your half training and on Core Fusion. As much as it pains me – I’d advise you not to add a separate weight lifting routine into the mix right now. You know I love weight lifting after writing that series on it and all, but one thing I’ve learned with these barre-style workouts is that these workouts ARE weight/resistance training workouts, they are just very different from the “traditional” weight lifting concept. So you are most definitely working ALL of your muscles in Core Fusion – by adding weights to the mix (outside of CF), you’re heading towards overtraining. At least in my opinion. I LOVE your passion for working out, so much – but I also worry about the overtraining thing. So be safe, listen to your body and enjoy it, ok??

      • It’s OK, you are totally right! I had kind of decided I would hold off on weight lifting until after the summer is over. Once the weather gets bad and I don’t want to run or make the trek to exhal I plan to come back and re-read your posts and get re-inspired all over again.

    • I know…it’s sort of like icing on the cake to have the chance to work with some really wonderful, talented, passionate ladies. And in my own backyard, too -score! So excited!

  9. “I’m used to controlling my own “destiny” if you will, when it comes to my workouts, so letting someone else take control seems crazy to me”

    Kudos to you for admitting that. I think I would definitely have a problem with that, especially given that it’ll mean quite a change from the routine you’re used to. But then you proved you can do that with CF, so I have no doubt you’ll excel at this too. I’m looking forward to reading about the changes you go through with this, both physically and mentally.

    ps — after all this time off, I am actually considering quitting my gym membership and going to a pilates studio instead. Crazy talk…

    • For some reason, the more I think about it – the more I’m excited to let someone else lead the way. I’m ready to be open and to explore whatever this “transformation” brings. Much more so than I expected to be!

      I LOVE that you’re considering pilates!!! Crazy cool if you ask me! 🙂

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